You gain Level 1 Noble Mind (Cygnus Knights Beginner Skill) Neinheart is requesting your presence. - [Monster] Aleek x60 - [Monster] Pincer x60 - [Collectibles] Mountain Dragon Shell x1 - [Consumables] Apatite x30, Regenerate Lv.2 - Item "Health Recovery 2" (Kreya City, Sitara), Astute Lv.4 - Item "Secret of Slash 4" (Kreya City, Sitara), Penetrate Lv.3 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) - [Monster] Parazaia x1 - [Monster] Death Ent x60 - [Collectibles] Little Devil's Nail x5 - [Collectibles] Sharp Feather x10, Double Attack Lv.6 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) (Passive) - [Monster] Echipo x50 - [Monster] Farzan x50 - [Collectibles] Knight Hair Ornament x1 - [Collectibles] Hard Water x30, Volunteer Lv.1 Raises spirit depending on bravery. Melee up depending on Lv. - Item "Secret of Wind Broom 1" (Capital City Elban, Riaty), Highness Bless Lv.1 A skill to heal PT members. Item effects, MaxMP decrease. - [Collectibles] Stone Face x20 - [Collectibles] Vivid Plumage x20 - [Collectibles] Insect Claw x20 - [Healing] Dango x20, Earthshaker Lv.2 (Kakeula City, Ryuan) - [Monster] Lyaph x50 - [Monster] Lont Mantis x25 - [Consumables] Evasion Pill x10 - [Collectibles] Cracked Shield x20, Domination Lv.1 (Kakeula City, Ryuan) Available only after Earthshaker. Nullify the enemy's range attacks. Bishop, Resurrection Lv.1 Holy magic that resurrects you once for a limited time. - Item "Saterian Music" (Sateria City, Frina), Liberation Song Lv.1 A song of peace from Bailune. Jobs Cure the ailments already inflicted. - Knight, Protection Lv.3 Reduces the amount of damage sustained by physical attack. Can throw it to an ally. Increase Resistance and the effect of Tsubame Gaeshi. - Paladin, Holy Thrust Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, Rulea) Attack with holy magic. - Knight, Provoke Lv.3 Provoke and anger your foe, making you the target of future attacks. Restore the summoned wraith's HP by consuming your HP. Increase support abilities consuming attack power. The success rate differs depending on enemies. Blade Knight. - App. Reduce damage for a short time. - Item "Mithurnan Music" (Kleya City, Rel), Song Lore Lv.1 (Passive) Knowledge of songs. Note:... 3. After that, power of sword skill rises for a while due to the moonlight. - Samurai, Issen Lv.1 Slash with the sword. - [Monster] Oltra x60 - [Monster] Xemn x60 - [Collectibles] Avion Talon x40 - [Collectibles] Malachite x20, Shell Break Lv.2 (Passive) - Item "Shield Breaker 2" (Lograth City, Levia), Asura Aura Lv.1 (Lograth City, Levia) Boost attack and defense with aura. Resistance to ailments increases. - Paladin, Guard Lv.2 (Passive) Defend the target against attack, reducing HP damage. - [Monster] Garkin x60 - [Monster] Ghost x60 - [Collectibles] Gaudy Fabric x40 - [Collectibles] High-Grade Meat x20, Rod Mastery Lv.3 (Passive) - Item "To Be a Wizard 3" (Lograth City, Levia), Bandersnatch Lv.1 Attack with the frumious arm. Deal finishing slash on the monsters around you. Recoil some damage. Reduce piercing damage taken by half when the skill finishes. Increase the PT members' MaxHP&MP. Job bonus increases. - Item "Magic Broom How-To 1" (Kreya City, Sitara), Soothe Lv.3 - Item "Aggro DOWN 3" (Kreya City, Sitara), Sweet Aroma Lv.1 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) These sweets smell divine. Bishop, Lv.140 Bishop (Capital City Elban, King Elbano), Aegis Lv.3 (Passive) A sacred charm that gives high magic defense. - Cleric, Holy Light Lv.1 (Capital City Saterica, Cleil) A light-element magic attack. Heal allies around you. Remove Burn if already inflicted. - [Ores] Dark Bead x5 - [Collectibles] Dead Bones x10 - [Monster] Evil Sword x20 - [Monster] Baphomet x20, Cemetery Lv.1 Create a field to deal with wraiths. Lv.10 Apprentice Warrior (Fort Bailune, Varuna), Battle Mastery Lv.1 (Passive) A book of battle tactics that raises ATK. Gladiator, Lv.140 Gladiator (Capital City Elban, King Elbano), Cross Counter Lv.1 Immediately counterattack when you receive damage. - [Monster] Lake Dragon Larkas x1 - [Monster] Oarfish x40 - [Collectibles] Wolf Claw x4 - [Collectibles] Dappled Fur x15, Faint Arrow Lv.1 An arrow that breaks consciousness. Summoner, Curacion Lv.1 Secret skill to heal a summon. Reduces more with a sword equipped. Servant, Sooth Lv.1 Decrease hate from enemies. - [Collectibles] Rubellite x10 - [Collectibles] Scythe-like Claw x30 - [Monster] Obligaus x1 - [Monster] Fire Spirit x40, Beast Slash Lv.3 - Item "Claw Sword 3" (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif), Impact Blow Lv.1 (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif) Smash without depending on the weapon. The amount of the hate affects the damage dealt. Should a comrade fall in battle, th… Speed stats of party members in camp will rise. Consumes Tempest and deals big DMG to enemies. Increased damage if you attack from the side. - [Monster] Veltria x1 - [Monster] Fire Spirit x40 - [Monster] Water Spirit x40 - [Monster] Wind Spirit x40 - [Monster] Earth Spirit x40, Quick Lv.1 (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif) A magic to shorten delay. Select summon's target to attack. - [Monster] Evil Dragon Leviam x1 - [Monster] Cordil x30 - [Collectibles] Magic Jewel x3 - [Collectibles] Black Horn x50, Imperial Ray Lv.2 - Item "Aurora Master 2" (Kreya City, Sitara), Mana Stock Lv.2 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) - [Monster] Fallen Angel Meligia x1 - [Monster] Dominites x60 - [Collectibles] Familiar's Fur x10 - [Collectibles] Small Wheel x60, Force Boost Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) Strengthens fire, water, wind, and earth magic. - [Monster] Telon x1 - [Monster] Leo Pawn x50 - [Monster] Faceless x50 - [Monster] Raudy x50, Lv.50 Apprentice Cleric (Rokoko City, Maya) (Must have Mana Mastery Lv.3) (Must have Mana Recover Lv.3), Aegis Lv.1 (Passive) A sacred charm that gives high magic defense. is significantly lower, restrictions on batch production become unrestricted. The effect depends on the number of them. Go inside the Chivalry located in the northwest corner of Prontera At the space between the Prontera Castle and Knight's Guide. Later they can become Gladiators, Paladins, or Beast Knights. - Ninja, Shuriken Mastery Lv.1 (Passive) Knowledge of Shinobi. - App. - App. - Deliver an item to King Elbano within 2 minutes, then go back to Vafardo to receive the skill. Need MP to keep the clones. Cancel the possession and knock out the foe dealing fatal damage. - Item "Book of Frostbite 1" (Lograth City, Delma), Crossfire Lv.1 (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif) Special bow skill using Area Rain. Get various benefits by producing in the workshop. Recovers Blind status if already Blind. . The critical damage percentage to the enemies with low hate increases. The range is a bit short. - [Collectibles] Heavy Blade x10 - [Collectibles] Giant Blue Fin x10 - [Collectibles] Gigantic Tusk x10 - [Collectibles] Giant Fang x10, Meteor Storm Lv.1 Summon meteors and attack enemies. Activate by praying in a safe place. Recover the target's HP a little and decrease hate. (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) - [Collectibles] Talisman of Seal x5 - [Collectibles] Unextinguishable Spark x5 - [Monster] Wyn x1 - [Monster] Fox Priest x30, Lv.120 Apprentice Servant (Capital City Elban, Riaty) (Must have Holy Light Lv.1) (Must have Kreis Heal Lv.2), Enrage Lv.1 Increase hate from enemies. - [Monster] Polpo x20 - [Monster] Squalo x20 - [Ores] Water Bead x5 - [Ores] Blue Gem x5, Kill Throw Lv.2 - Item "Throwing Manual 2" (Capital City Elban, Vafardo), Venom Bomb Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, Vafardo) Attack an enemy with Poison Bomb. The hate value you have will be moved a little to the target. CRT affects the damage. - App. Click on the bulb and select “The Mind of a Knight: Beginnings” quest. Prevent KO certain number of times for a short period of time. Available for Pets. - [Collectibles] Pretty Scale x1 - [Collectibles] Pretty Feather x1 - [Collectibles] Pretty Shell x1 - [Collectibles] Pretty Insect Wing x1, Dragonewt Song Lv.1 (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Balu) An ancient song from Bleudraf. MP is needed to keep the summon. - [Collectibles] Titanium x1 - [Collectibles] Jade x20 - [Collectibles] Glowing Wing x40 - [Collectibles] Red Metal Fin x40, Fortis Lv.2 - Item "Brave Guard 2" (Eryldan Desert, Filely), Guardian Lv.2 (Port Spargas, Levia) - [Monster] Sianas 1 x1 - [Monster] Crysis x50 - [Monster] Zlova x25 - [Collectibles] Torn Cape x50, Parry Lv.2 (Passive) - Item "Parry Book 2" (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif), Divine Aura Lv.1 (Port Spargas, Levia) A powerful aura to attract foes. Activated by melee. - [Monster] Aldo x60 - [Monster] Jagwar x60 - [Collectibles] Lake Dragon Horn x1 - [Collectibles] Fin Ray x30, Magic Barrier Lv.4 - Item "Mana Wall 4" (Kreya City, Sitara), Draw Lv.4 - Item "Rates UP 4" (Kreya City, Sitara), Magic Blade Lv.2 -Item "Magic Blade 2" (Kreya City, Sitara), Stone Skin Lv.3 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) - [Monster] Zolte x1 - [Monster] Calbo x60 - [Collectibles] Hard Hammer x10 - [Collectibles] Solid Rockshard x15, Absorb Lv.5 (Passive) - Item "Magic Conversion 5" (Kreya City, Sitara), Enchant Lv.4 (Passive) - Item "Mana Enchant 4" (Kreya City, Sitara), Qadal Lv.2 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) - [Monster] Gargalio x60 - [Monster] Bizon x60 - [Collectibles] Fallen Angel Cloth x1 - [Collectibles] Ivory White Rag x30, Excess Magic Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) Run wild with excess magic. 1. - [Monster] Mt. - App. Paladin, Heal Lv.1 Recovers the target's HP. 1. - Assassin, Execute Lv.1 Increase critical damage. - App. - [Monster] Calmo x30 - [Monster] Zazel x1 - [Collectibles] Ape's Rag x30 - [Collectibles] Crystal Eye x30, Cross Counter Lv.3 - Item "Counter Technique 3" (Kreya City, Sitara), Relax Lv.4 (Passive) - Item "Heal Up 4" (Kreya City, Sitara), Warcry Lv.4 (Lograth City, Delma) - [Monster] Mob Piteco x60 - [Monster] Manitari x30 - [Collectibles] Polished Hide x6 - [Collectibles] Warm Fur x3, Job Master Lv.1 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) (Passive) Proof of mastering Gladiator. - Bishop, Physical Lv.1 (Passive) A skill of enhancing resistance. Pay him a visit. - [Monster] Crow Samurai x50 - [Monster] Fire Cat x50 - [Monster] Tengu x50 - [Monster] Middle Ninja x50, Fortis Lv.1 (Port Spargas, Levia) Increase all elements resistance for a short time. The more skills of a particular line on your bar, the faster you will gain experience in that Skill Line. Chance to inflict lethargy by Yangton. Gain Sacrifice. Requires MP to preserve the summon. - App. Servant, Lv.140 Servant (Capital City Elban, Riaty), Broom Sweep Lv.1 Attack binding wind magic to a broom. - App. - App. The increased ATK decreases by defeating. To begin, simply talk to Captain Herman, who is inside the Knight Guild in Prontera (coordinates: prt_in (88, 101). - App. Sniper, Survival Lv.2 (Passive) Gain surviving skills. Hunter, Venom Attack Lv.1 Make an enemy poisoned by attack. - [Ores] Earth Bead x10 - [Monster] Crystaur x50 - [Monster] Cochley x50 - [Monster] Tigrat x50, Seikyoku Jutsu Lv.1 (Minaula City, Suishin) (Passive) Damage increases by Yangton Combo while Phantom Flame is in effect. Slightly raise PT members' drop rate and recover your own MP. Recover HP a little by double attack. A lot of MP is required. - [Collectibles] Mercy Crystal x1 - [Collectibles] Spatial Fragment x3 - [Collectibles] Holy Wing x10 - [Ores] Bead Fragment x30, Holy Spike Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) Call a spike of holy light to deal magic DMG on an enemy. The higher the enemy's defense is, the more damage you deal. Tempest is required. - [Monster] Iniliba x1 - [Monster] Kwale x50 - [Collectibles] Fire Crocodile Oil x10 - [Collectibles] Mushroom Stipe x30, Insight Lv.3 (Passive) - Item "Insight Mastery Lv.3" (Kreya City, Sitara), Issen Lv.4 - Item "Lightning Slash Book 4" (Kreya City, Sitara), Moonlight Slash Lv.1 (Minaula City, Suishin) Make a sharp cut like the moon. - [Monster] Sandwurm x1 - [Monster] Sierra Toropay x1 - [Monster] Landarium x1 - [Monster] Peyote x1, Berserk Lv.2 (Port Spargas, Levia) Use all power on attacks ignoring defense. Enable you to cast multiple large magics. - Servant, Enrage Lv.2 (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) - [Monster] Owlbear x30 - [Monster] Cyclops x30 - [Collectibles] Broken Skull Rod x30 - [Collectibles] Powerful Engine x1, Magic Soul Lv.2 (Capital City Elbano, King Elbano) (Passive) - [Collectibles] Tarante Claw x1 - [Collectibles] Digestive Juice x15 - [Monster] Dryad x30 - [Monster] Mariquita x30, Soothe Lv.2 (Port Spargas, Levia) - [Collectibles] Mysterious Plume x1 - [Collectibles] Blue Feather x30 - [Collectibles] Ice Scale x50 - [Collectibles] Hard Bark x50, Soul Connection Lv.2 (Port Spargas, Levia) - [Monster] Azimov x1 - [Monster] Garel x1 - [Collectibles] Rutile x20 - [Consumables] Sorrowful Eye x30, Mirror Coat Lv.1 A skill to create a clone. MATK affects the damage. Current HP relates the damage. - Ninja, Kyuseijutsu Yang Lv.1 Obtain the power of Yang. Di dalam perkumpulan Knight Prontera (prontera 48, 343), berbicaralah dengan Essofeit (prt_in 85, 99). - [Monster] Death Chils x1 - [Monster] Calmo x30 - [Collectibles] Herderite x10 - [Consumables] Unknown Fruit x60, Tyrant Edge Lv.2 - Item "Berserk Book 2" (Lograth City, Delma), Job Master Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) (Passive) Proof of mastering Beast Knight. Knight Skill Quest: Requirements: Base Level: None Job Level: 40 Class: Knight: Item(s) (Consumed): 5 Candy Canes, 3 Witherless Roses: Rewards: Quest Reward(s): Ability to use Charge Attack: 1. Slowing effect invalid on bosses. Saint Burst's side quest is a lot like Saint Laurent's quest. Copied! - Alchemist, Dark Blast Lv.1 A dark-element magic attack. - App. - App. Form the guardian area and take over the damage of allies inside the area. Power rises when target is Poisoned. Reduce the accumulated damage and remove Mental Clarity. Mage, Dark Blast Lv.1 A dark-element magic attack. - Ninja, Earthshaker Lv.1 Increase damage on paralyzed and burnt enemies. - Knight, Relax Lv.2 (Karue Reef, Neryl [Knightly Revival]) (Passive) - [Monster] Rakelter x5 - [Monster] Apestle x5 - [Monster] Fire Element x5 - [Collectibles] Jagged Blade x1, Hard Hit Lv.3 (Capital City Saterica, Leyard [The Knight Goes On]) - [Monster] Ganoschka x30 - [Monster] Sandworm x20 - [Monster] Mars x10 - [Collectibles] Thick Hide x50 - [Collectibles] Rat Tail x50, Lv.120 Apprentice Paladin (Capital City Saterica, Leyard) (Must have Double Attack Lv.3) (Must have Relax Lv.2) (Must have Hard Hit Lv.3), Defense Lv.6 (Passive) Offers a permanent gain to DEF, protecting you from attack. Cannot quit until it ends. Auto recovery amount increases. Accelerate Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, Vafardo) Move fast using stamina and magic energy. Melee and Magic ATK up for Throwing. Receive all Hate toward the summoner. 2. - [Monster] Ster x1 - [Monster] Evil Dragon Leviam x1 - [Monster] Hammer Scorpion x30 - [Monster] Fox Priest x30, Meteor Impact Lv.4 - Item "Star Book 4" (Capital City Elban, Vafardo), Summon Workshop Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, Vafardo) Summon a workshop specialized for production. - Samurai, Finishing Stroke Lv.1 A special move to bring out all of the weapon's power. Range depends on weapons. - [Monster] Simcracker x1 - [Monster] Azimov x1 - [Collectibles] Big Curled Horn x30 - [Collectibles] Steel Horn x20, Evasion Lv.4 - Item "Agility Manual 4" (Eryldan Desert, Filely), Invisible Lv.2 - Item "How to Hide 2" (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif), Skia Lv.1 (Port Spargas, Levia) (Passive) Chance to counterattack when evading an enemy melee attack. ASPD is minimized. - [Monster] Foxxus x1 - [Monster] Blazing Fox x30 - [Monster] Tanlon x30 - [Monster] Devil Mirror x30. - Minstrel, Wisdom Song Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, Rulea) An ancient Darkani song. Being a hack and slash type of character, Knights are granted access to a new mastery that will open a new type of weapon to wield aside from the Swordman's swords. - [Monster] Sianas 1 x1 - [Monster] Mechafrog x50 - [Monster] Zlova x25 - [Collectibles] Torn Cape x50, Hate Shift Lv.1 (Capital City Saterica, Curonne) Shift the hate to another player. - Hunter, Survival Lv.1 (Passive) Gain surviving skills. It doesn't receive any Hate toward the summoner. Greatly increase attack speed and power. Knight • Lord Knight • Rune Knight; 2nd Class Skills: Bowling Bash • Brandish Spear • Cavalier Mastery • Charge Attack • Counter Attack • One-Hand Quicken • Peco Peco Ride • Pierce • Spear Boomerang • Spear Mastery • Spear Stab • Twohand Quicken: Transcendent Skills Skill Quests Warrior. MP amount relates the duration. - [Monster] Folia x60 - [Monster] Emicle x60 - [Collectibles] Guard Dragon Jewel x1 - [Collectibles] Purple Scale x30, Deathblow Lv.3 - Item "Assassin's Move 3" (Kreya City, Sitara), Invisible Lv.4 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) - [Monster] Acro x60 - [Monster] Box x60 - [Collectibles] Behemoth Fang x1 - [Collectibles] Soft Tail x10, Shadow Mist Lv.1 Take a distance like mist while cutting an enemy. Attack ignoring the target's defense. - App. Requirement Must be level 70 Must be an Apprentice Knight Consume tremendous MP and move backward. Knights are the tanks of Seal Online - they have the highest defense of all classes. - Item "Mastery of Service 1" (Kreya City, Sitara), Broom Manual Lv.1 (Passive) Increase the number of magic spots that can be placed at once. - App. - Gladiator, Relax Lv.3 (Passive) Relax the body and mind. - [Monster] Fire Cat x20 - [Monster] Daruma x20 - [Monster] Palache x20 - [Monster] Pagrom x1, Death Cry Lv.1 (Molgore Underground Mausoleum, Calavera) Ignite magic power of a Summon in use. You will teleport at random. - Necromancer, Bone Knight Lv.1 (Molgore Underground Mausoleum, Calavera) Consume Soul Energy and summon a bone knight. - Item "Makibishi Book 1" (Maze of Dendroa, Piconi)*Must have Shuriken Mastery Lv.2, Ni Rengeki Lv.2 (Passive) - Item "Ni Rengeki Scroll 2" (Minaula City, Sawa), Earthshaker Lv.3 (Minaula City, Suishin) - [Monster] Irai 1 x1 - [Monster] Yongo x50 - [Monster] Utka x50 - [Collectibles] Fertile Soil x30, Raiton no Jutsu Lv.3 - Item "Thunder Scroll 3" (Minaula City, Sawa), Dance of Clones Lv.2 (Minaula City, Suishin) - [Monster] Gauchel x1 - [Monster] Gigantes x50 - [Monster] Jacbos x50 - [Collectibles] Werewolf Fur x5, Katon no Jutsu Lv.4 - Item "Book of Flame 4" (Minaula City, Sawa), Swift Shadow Lv.1 (Minaula City, Suishin) (Passive) A technique to maintain clones. - App. - App. Cannot move during the skill. He will tell you to observe other knights training. - [Healing] Sake Gourd x1 - [Healing] Dragon Liquor x1 - [Healing] Goddess Tear x1 - [Consumables] Pilanezan Wine x1, Boost HP Lv.2 (Passive) - Item "Vital Manual 2" (Eryldan Desert, Filely), Chakra Lv.3 - Item "Qi Focus 3" (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif), Rush Lv.2 (Port Spargas, Levia) - [Monster] Sianas 1 x1 - [Monster] Mechafrog x50 - [Monster] Zlova x25 - [Collectibles] Sharpened Bone x50, Brionac Lv.1 (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif) An attack that penetrates high DEF. November 15, 2018 August 28, 2017 by Rierin_RO. Copied! As a result of their focus on physical skills, knights are severely lacking in terms of magical habilities. - Item "Counterpart 1" (Eryldan Desert, Filely), Vitalize Lv.1 A skill to vitalize everyone. Bishop, Faith Lv.3 (Passive) Increase in religious faith. Use Punish to increase the damage of certain skills and heal effects. Hunter, Lv.70 Hunter (Capital City Sofya, Nepherta), Arrow Rain Lv.1 A bow-only attack that deals damage based on number of hits and attack range. Slash multiple enemies for more damage. Recover instantly when attacked a certain number of times. Chance to prevent clones from decreasing by enemy's attacks. Can deal huge damage if you have Assault. - App. - [Monster] Simcracker x1 - [Monster] Garel x1 - [Consumables] Sorrowful Eye x30 - [Collectibles] Red Metal Fin x50, Absorb Lv.3 (Passive) - Item "Magic Conversion 3" (Drafbourg: Immigrant Ward, Matif), Enchant Weapon Lv.2 - Item "Magic Warriors 2" (Eryldan Desert, Filely), Illness Hit Lv.1 (Port Spargas, Levia) Transmit ailments to the target and cure you of the ailments. - High Wizard, Thor's Hammer Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) Attack with huge Thor's Hammer. Beast Knight, Bite Lv.1 (Passive) Bite an enemy off guard. If you are targeted, the decoy will be attacked instead. Skills can change time of effect. KO rate changes depending on the distance. Draconic Power and Earthen Heart skill lines consist of major Magicka-based skills, while Ardent Flame has 2 … You already saw Burst in the capital so visit her at the churches in this order. Increase more when using a rod. Increase Melee a little. The dialogue is different depending on which order the Chosen has attained full knighthood. - Item "Secret of Faint 1" (Kreya City, Sitara), Sniping Lv.2 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) - [Monster] Oltos x50 - [Monster] Tritonia x50 - [Collectibles] Gem Gauntlet x1 - [Collectibles] Death Ent Splinter x5, Cure Disease Lv.1 Obtain resistance to status ailments depending on the skills learned. A book of battle tactics that raises ATK. - [Collectibles] Lithium x1 - [Collectibles] Amber x20 - [Collectibles] Sharp Needle x40 - [Collectibles] Broken Chain x40, Smoke Drop Lv.1 (Diel Village, Tiel) A skill to distract enemies. MaxHP increases. Lv2 or higher also grants Necromance charges. Only Great Magic power increases. - [Ores] Water Bead x10 - [Monster] Arcarp x50 - [Monster] Topnette x50 - [Monster] Rabbit Knight x50, Tenchi Bansho Lv.1 (Minaula City, Suishin)*Must have Seikyoku Jutsu Lv.1 A skill to use tremendous shards of star power generated by Seikyoku Jutsu. Must equip bow, use Fairy Wind and Overclock. - App. Increases the Defense of nearby teammates, Legion members, and the spouse by 100 (Skill Lv.1), 300 (Skill Lv.2), or 500 (Skill Lv.3). Inflict Darkness on a target, and lower critical rate and range. Vilfuente, Bigbux, and finally Maquipeach. - [Monster] Tengu x50 - [Monster] Upper Ninja x50 - [Monster] Polti x50 - [Monster] Bumble x50, Execute Lv.2 (Port Spargas, Levia) - [Collectibles] Crimson Eye x1 - [Collectibles] Powerful Venom x20 - [Collectibles] Venom x40 - [Collectibles] Poisonous Claw x40, Shadow Walk Lv.1 (Port Spargas, Levia) Increase Evasion hiding in the dark. Job bonus increases. - [Monster] Schmet x30 - [Monster] Cyclops x30 - [Collectibles] Silk Thread x15 - [Collectibles] Broken Club x30 - [Collectibles] Tarante Claw x1, Magic Barrier Lv.3 (Port Spargas, Levia) - [Collectibles] Liath Fail x1 - [Collectibles] Turquoise x20 - [Collectibles] Bent Screw x40 - [Collectibles] Big Pincer x40, Origin Lv.1~4 (Port Spargas, Levia) Increase element attack and defense. - Item "Slebinian Music" (Eryldan Desert, Filely), Passionate Song Lv.1 An ancient Mithurnian song. Has effect on PT members around you. Job bonus increases. If you cast the skill when Magic Overheat > ~60%, All buffs will be deleted & Magic Overheat will become 30%. The effect depends on Lv. The effect decreases if you are in sight of the enemy. - Item "Secret of Mana Bullet 1" (Capital City Elban, Vafardo), Mana Mastery Lv.1~5 (Passive) A book of magic tactics that raises MATK. - App. - App. Raise PT members' evasion & status ailment resistance. - [Monster] Fallen Angel Ibrie x1 - [Monster] Solonia x50 - [Collectibles] Blade of Light x15 - [Collectibles] Hard Claw x30, Knight's Will Lv.1 (Passive) Gather hostility and Heart of Knight increases. Effect boosted at each use. A Dark Knight can evolve into a Blade Knight after completing the Second Class Quest at Priestess Sevina. (prt_in 88, 101) - [Collectibles] Imp Horn x50 - [Collectibles] Memory Fragment x30 - [Monster] Ghost x50 - [Monster] Fox Spirit x50, Sacrifice Lv.2 (Passive) - Item (Molgore Underground Mausoleum, Calavera), Over Soul Lv.1 (Molgore Underground Mausoleum, Calavera) Let a Summon in use haunt on you. - [Collectibles] Lake Dragon Horn x1 - [Collectibles] Wolf Claw x4 - [Collectibles] Pointed Ear x25 - [Collectibles] Thin Tail x50, Rapid Fang Lv.2 - Item "Rapid Fang Book 2" (Kreya City, Sitara), Cross Fang Lv.1 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) Consumes Beastliness. - [Monster] Punklin x30 - [Monster] Sianas 2 x1 - [Collectibles] Azuki x12 - [Collectibles] Distilled Water x3, Evasion Lv.5 - Item "Agility Manual 5" (Kreya City, Sitara), Job Master Lv.1 (Capital City Eldan, King Elbano) (Passive) Proof of mastering Assassin. 1 Summary 2 Dialogue 3 Monsters 4 Strategy For the final mission the chosen must rescue an 'Emoran Knight that was captured by a group of Demon Knights. Enchanter, Enchant Lv.1 (Passive) Adds a bonus to your ATK based on your INT. Decrease MaxHP&MP and make movement&attack speed faster. To see a side by side comparison of Empyrean sets visit Bale Sets Comparison. - Assassin, Evasion Lv.3 Improves your reaction time and AGI for a period of time. Increase clones and recovers HP when using it in low HP. Invalid on bosses. - App. - [Monster] Rogelio x1 - [Monster] Ogarwel x30 - [Monster] Hammer Scorpion x30 - [Monster] Devour x30, Lv.120 Apprentice Summoner (Capital City Saterica, Solf) (Must have Arrow Rain Lv.2) (Must have Venom Attack Lv.3) (Must have Impetus Lv.1), Arrow Rain Lv.3 A bow-only attack that deals damage based on number of hits and attack range. - Summoner, Grace of Nature Lv.1 (Port Spargas, Levia) (Passive) Decrease the MP cost required to keep the summons while you are not in combat. Protects PT from some oncoming status ailments and releases you from a status ailment. Neutral attack magic. - [Monster] Dryad x50 - [Monster] Mariquita x50 - [Monster] Totem x50 - [Monster] Kaise Pilz x1, Spirit Shield Lv.1 (Port Spargas, Levia) (Passive) Decrease damage with the protection of the summons. - [Collectibles] Crystal of Darkness x1 - [Ores] Bead Crystal x3 - [Collectibles] Sparkling Matter x60 - [Collectibles] Shining Fluid x60, Multi Cast Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, King Elbano) Multiply spells of large magic. - Sniper, Paralysis Lv.1 Dip the weapon in paralyzing venom. - [Monster] Magonza x1 - [Monster] Beelzedam x1 - [Monster] Kefer x30 - [Monster] Cuppebite x30, Meteor Impact Lv.2 - Item "Star Book 2" (Capital City Elban, Vafardo), Craft Technique Lv.3 (Passive) - Item "Production Textbook 3" (Capital City Elban, Vafardo), Haze Revita Lv.1 (Capital City Elban, Vafardo) Recover HP with Powder Revita. No effect on too much damage. CRT increases more for Throwing. Before leaving Tathlin gives more information about the the kingdom of Granemor and its 'Emoran Knights. Additional attack chance for attack, defense, evasion. Deal more damage than normal attack. - Samurai, Katana Mastery Lv.1 (Passive) Knowledge of Samurai. - Alchemist, Magic Barrier Lv.1~2 Raises target's defense based on their INT. The effect depends on the condition of you and party members. - [Monster] Masked Soldier x60 - [Monster} Carapate x60 - [Healing] Light Green Egg x40 - [Collectibles] Hawk Eye x20, Anti Virus Lv.1 Obtain resistance to status ailments depending on the skills learned. - [Monster] Mamonea x1 - [Monster] Dominido x50 - [Collectibles] Pure White Hexa Wings x5 - [Collectibles] Glabora's Feather x5, Bushido Lv.1 (Minaula City, Suishin) (Passive) Reconsider how to be a Samurai and increase base stats of Samurai.

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