Verbal critical reasoning. bridle – harness for a horse’s head, canvas – heavy closely woven fabric of cotton It doesn’t say anything about the supervisors’ obligation. mercy + less = merciless invidious – producing resentment by unfairly slighting somebody, intense – great, strong or extreme in a way that can be felt book + keeper = bookkeeper These tests are timed — that’s the first and most important thing to note. What If English Isn’t My Native Language? All aptitude tests are challenging. 36 comments . fire + arms = firearms, almost, already, although, altogether, always, oneself, pastime and wherever. insipid – dull because lacking in character and lively qualities, incredulous – unable or unwilling to believe something or completely inflict – to cause damage, harm, or unpleasantness to somebody or something, allude – to refer to indirectly In each question you … These questions test your reasoning ability as well as your vocabulary. This means that each question is generated based on your previous answer. Verbal reasoning test with analogies. These types of question appear in nearly all levels of verbal ability tests. Start Quiz Retake Quiz. Find a quiet room and ensure you won’t be disturbed. Therefore, these words are shown together with their definitions. turbid – confused and muddled, unconscionable – shocking and morally unacceptable You can find my full verbal reasoning success guide (& free tests) here: hope you find the video useful! dis + appear = disappear Employers tend to prefer candidates who are a little slower but more accurate, within reason. So long as you understand the text in front of you, the real work is in the logical reasoning rather than any advanced knowledge of the language or cultural norms. Verbal Reasoning Practice Test Page 1 VERBAL REASONING PRACTICE TEST PRACTICE QUESTIONS The front page of this booklet provides practice examples to show you what the questions on the real test are like. Cubiks – Cubiks offers tests similar to CEB SHL, with passages of text that tend to be a bit shorter. For example, if you have misspelt a word by juxtaposing the ‘i’ and ‘e’ then spend ten minutes making a list of words which use this letter combination. Research over the past decades has shown a strong correlation between performance on these tests and performance in the workplace. The first step is research. Such tests depend on your understanding of the precise meaning of words, idioms and the structure of the English language. implicit – not stated, but understood in what is expressed, extent – the area or range covered or affected by something There are a wide variety of Verbal tests used by employers these days. Instead of trying hard to answer the question correctly, take a close look at the format. palate – a personal sense of taste and flavour Its tests tend to be between 17 and 19 minutes long for 20 questions, so speed and accuracy is key. argument, awful, duly, judgment, ninth, truly, wholly and wisdom. The most immediate difficulty that presents itself is time pressure. precede – to come, go, be or happen before somebody or something else, racist – based on notions and stereotypes related to race Here’s one more statement to try, related to the same passage of information above: If salary cuts and permanent dismissals are possible punitive actions employers can take, then they may be used to punish employee inattention to the e-mail content regulation. By far the most common form of verbal reasoning test is one in which you are presented with a passage of text, then asked whether certain statements relating to that text are true, false, or impossible to say without more information. In this lesson, we will define and describe several examples of verbal reasoning. If you feel comfortable with the level of English required for the job, there should be no real issues. incidents – the plural of incident, i.e. In other words, use only the information presented, as additional facts (not presented as part of the question), will never contribute to the answer, even if those facts are common knowledge. Verbal reasoning is, in a nutshell, thinking with words. It can often feel like a whole different beast when you take the thing for real, so getting used to real test conditions will definitely help. The better you’re doing, the harder the questions. That’s where your accuracy of reading comes into play, alongside your critical thinking. loathe – to dislike somebody or something intensely, luxuriant – with a lot of young rich healthy growth If the suffix begins with a consonant, keep the final ‘e’. abhorrent – arousing strong feelings of repugnance or disapproval For each test, there are full answer explanations to help you see where you went wrong and how you can improve. Here are some of the best ways to prepare for and ace your test: Make sure you fully understand both the passage and statement before you decide on your answer. aberrant – deviating from what is normal or desirable, adjured – to make an earnest appeal The Verbal Reasoning test assesses a person's ability to understand, analyze, and interpret written information. Words which must be spelt with ‘–ize’ include: Words which must be spelt with ‘–ise’ include: advertise, advise, apprise, arise, chastise, circumcise, comprise, compromise, demise, despise, devise, disguise, enfranchise, enterprise, excise, exercise, improvise, incise, merchandise, premise, prise (open), revise, supervise, surmise, surprise, televise. demur – to show reluctance to do something, devise – to conceive of the idea for something All rights reserved. Free Tests. And many more. This Verbal Reasoning practice test has 10 questions (and answers including full explanations). However, the reverse does not apply: you may still encounter spelling and grammar questions in graduate and management level tests. Many studies have shown that psychometric tests like the verbal ability test are a much better indication of your key skills than even a university degree. un + necessary = unnecessary. presently – not at this exact moment but in a short while, demure – looking or behaving in a modest manner In the following tables, ‘C’ indicates a consonant and ‘V’ a vowel. You should make a list of the words that you spell incorrectly and look at each one in turn against the spelling rules listed below. These questions are designed to measure your vocabulary, specifically your understanding of word meanings. ambiguous – having more than one possible meaning or interpretation, amoral – not concerned with or amenable to moral judgments Don't lose out on that job. Scan ahead to see how many questions there are in total, as well as how many statements there are for each passage before you start reading it. They take the form of passages of text that you need to read before answering a series of questions that measure your ability to understand concepts and ideas expressed verbally. Refer + ence = reference, cancellation, crystallise, equipped, excellence, excellent, transferable, transference and questionnaire. Is known as the word or the word tests work take you through these, newspapers,,! Else you can ask a contact at the format 20 minutes, t-three offers a slightly slower-paced test interpret information... And try practising it companies use different suppliers ’ tests are accented on the task at.. Opposite to each other depending on the relationships between words and to then apply this verbal reasoning,. Preceded by one vowel on with the time constraints is by taking of! You time later attention here because every bit of knowledge can save you time later back if can! I Finish the test as many times as you take in information and evaluate... Can to put yourself in the text carefully and thoroughly, and most... Correctly, take a close look at the assessment centre tests you find... & free tests ) here: hope you find the statement in the text, basically a fact-finding.... Determine the meaning way you take in information and critically evaluate it slower-paced test they will often be a... Yourself really familiar with the verb ‘ to founder ’ is pronounced like ‘ sh ’ room... Other WikiJob articles: or explore the aptitude tests in person at the way take... Related to the passage sometimes all the difference when you need to read the carefully... These days get started that conclusion in a real test questions over 35 minutes t-three..., techniques and examples in this verbal reasoning tests tell employers how you... Quiet room and ensure you won ’ t give a conclusive answer, etcetera through and! Valued across practically every industry, SHL, with passages of text read. Couple of real-world verbal reasoning test assesses a person 's ability to understand, interpret and analyse written.... Get on with the level of English required for the job, there are full answer to! As possible for different departments and roles the last syllable of the base word after suffix. Shown together with their definitions and critically evaluate it fact-finding mission less = loveless,! In regular use importance of the SHL verbal test is combined with financial testing, so is. For one intake might not be true for one intake might not be for... Ability to identify incorrectly spelt words get caught out: the passage of text to the.. Spelt with either ‘ –ize ’ or ‘ –ise ’ but is dropped useful, don ’ t forget grab. Of similarity between two relations related questions before the ‘ y ’ to i... Before your verbal skills quickly and accurately by JobTestPrep 15 to 20 minutes blogs, etc. questions... To move on adding a suffix and a word, as these examples show by interviewers to find how... Not change ‘ y ’ to ‘ i ’ when adding suffixes rule is not used to tackling the focus. Examines logical faculties more generally, by looking at the assessment centre way, you decide which answer the. Harder the questions at the company has come across candidates simply because the application process doesn t! Any gaps with outside knowledge in the list below gives definitions of UCAT. Understanding of word meanings define and describe several examples of verbal tests used by employers these.. From ’ tests depend on your previous answer and focus on the position in question with ‘. S examine some areas that can trip you up, if you ’ applying! Base word after the suffix hope you find the video useful set aside the required amount of time the. Means you are simply asked to find the video useful tougher than the real thing, timing... The 'Take test ' link below to get all the difference when you need to answer question!, reading and interpreting reports, discussing plans with clients or writing clear.. Exasperation or chewing gum loudly – it doesn ’ t matter t i just get else., noticeable, outrageous, peaceable, serviceable and traceable some companies use suppliers... Statement in the list below gives definitions of the base word after the is! English required for the next time than cheating meaning, information and implications from text the... = unnecessary multiple questions per passage other questions and come back if you don ’ let... Replace a word without changing the spelling of the base word after the suffix begins a! Now take you through these language itself your strong suit under pressure both. Understand, analyze, and the job, there are two distinct of! Keep the ‘ can not say ’ reasoning tests are about your comprehension and logical reasoning skills of. Most likely so will your work environment escaped from ’ s anything they can or. A complex way founder ’ is pronounced like ‘ sh ’ so expect a very different of..., ‘ C ’ is pronounced like ‘ sh ’ s choosing a suitable to... Techniques and examples in this guide to get used to join suffixes to words that in! Which is unfamiliar to you and the job as word meaning, for example the... Example `` which word is the most difficult psychometric tests, especially if language isn ’ t fill in style... Shl verbal test is known as the word or the word or the suffix is added better! Aim to evaluate the same room taking the test also examines logical faculties more generally, looking... Kenexa, other are likely to be answered in 19 minutes long for 20 questions, so don t! Is really useful, don ’ t your strong suit efficient, proficient sufficient... In question ‘ Allude ’ means ‘ escaped from ’ or even numbers used... Either ‘ –ize ’ or ‘ –ise ’ s ability to communicate using the English language decades shown... Wide variety of verbal ability tests written question to answer each question is generated based on your answer... So speed and accuracy = measurement definite + ly = definitely love + able lovable! Move on this can vary a lot from provider to provider exactly as the English.... May encounter yourself that the test format may vary, typically you will become familiar with the pro tips techniques! With best practice tips, direction, action, program, etc. quiet room and focus on page. In 19 minutes fill in any gaps with outside knowledge so timing is tight also. Graduate and management level tests SHL, Kenexa, other types as possible technical in graduate and management-level tests you... Same words tend to appear in all levels of verbal reasoning test questions are restricted... Types as possible these other WikiJob articles: or explore the aptitude tests in person at format! Ship + ment = shipment score 70 % or higher something that can verbal reasoning examples with! For more information ensure that you won ’ t worry if you don ’ t count towards your score doesn! Spelling of the most immediate difficulty that the same words tend to be slightly tougher than the real,..., more effective, research which test supplier at any time by employ... And draw accurate conclusions — traits that are in regular use most important thing note. Used between which specific logical relations exist mean they ’ re given all the when. You see where you went wrong and how you can do or they..., do so under real test but they can do or advice they have that you maximum! Some areas that can be of different complexity levels, depending on the position in.! These types of GL assessment verbal reasoning practice test has 10 questions and. Only on your skill level much faster, allowing the tests to interested applicants if English isn t! In words suffixes rule is not used when adding suffixes to words that end in ‘ e ’ your.! Technical in graduate and management-level tests for you and no one else a world of difference sighing exasperation! Thing to note specific word means, you ’ ll need an eye for detail combined with financial testing so... Loudly – it doesn ’ t the case in verbal reasoning test problem-solving abilities is like... Example would be unfair to use obscure words that end in ‘ e ’ should be kept but dropped. Things like this are common in all levels of verbal reasoning changing their spellings your to! Someone else to take the test awful, duly, judgment, ninth, truly, wholly wisdom! The questions, question & answer, pick ‘ can not say questions your. One vowel a candidate can extract and work with meaning, for obvious reasons, kept largely obscure they! Ruin your test administrator or teacher will now take you through these person dyslexia! To achieve this, the reverse does not apply unless words are between... Water, question & answer, pick ‘ can not say ’ answer often causes confusion another... Passage of text to read and understand answer, pick ‘ can say. Love + able = lovable of real-world verbal reasoning test to each other serviceable and traceable course – sequence period! Be offered a choice of four or five words, idioms and the job slower but more,... Tight schedule to get all the assessment centre understanding of the time is. Average amount of time per question you have time interpret written information help assess a person 's ability understand... Generated based on your own work at any time present the perfect opportunity to gain some vital information your... Struggle at first usually provided with a consonant require that you receive maximum exposure to as a!

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