The CPSoS consortium has prepared a Working Paper on “Core Research and Innovation Areas in Cyber-physical Systems of Systems” that outlines the challenges and the key research and innovation areas in the domain of large systems that consist of physical structures and information processing elements, as e.g. railroad systems, electric grids and large industrial complexes, as well as a document containing the results of the “Analysis of the State-of-the-Art in Cyber-physical Systems of Systems”.

The key research topics that are outlined in the Working Paper are:

–          Distributed, reliable and efficient management of cyber-physical systems of systems

–          Cognitive cyber-physical systems of systems

–          Engineering support for the design-operation continuum of cyber-physical systems of systems.

As announced earlier, a public consultation has now been opened and we look forward to receiving your comments, experiences, views and ideas, as it is via your feedback that the final recommendations that will be made to the European Commission, European Industry and Academia can truly reflect the real needs of European society and industry!Learn more here about love addict withdrawal.

Consult the documents and provide us with your comments here.