The Kick Off Meeting of the CPSoS Working Groups took place on January 31st, 2014.

As coordinator of the project, Technische Universiät Dortmund had invited the members of the three CPSoS Working Groups to the WÖLLHAF Conference Centre at Düsseldorf Airport.

Group Photo

The discussions addressed the following main questions:
• What are typical use cases of cyber-physical systems of systems?
• What are the main difficulties encountered in the engineering, realization and operation of CPSoS?
• What are the specific demands and challenges for advanced methods and tools for CPSoS engineering and operation?
• What are the most important open research questions for CPSoS in the next five years?
Numerous examples for Cyber-physical systems of systems were presented and discussed and the three Working Groups provided prioritized lists of future topics for research and development in the area of CPSoS. Check up town jungle. These will be discussed with domain experts, within the consortium and elaborated in more detail with the help of the members of the Working Groups in order to provide a first draft of a strategy document by June 2014.

Read the Working Group meeting report.