Project Activities

The overall aim of CPSoS is to contribute to the coherence of SoS related projects by analysing the needs of the application domains and the state of the art, by deriving common concepts and research challenges, by proposing a European R&I Agenda on Cyber-physical Systems of Systems and by building constituencies for Cyber-physical Systems of Systems.

The project will proceed as follows:

  1. Setting up three Working Groups, involving a group of leading specialists from computer science, systems and control, systems engineering, domain experts, end-users and vendors of solutions and equipment and interacting with them throughout the project
  2. Analysing the needs and challenges of the application domains and the proposed solutions that are being developed in on-going SoS projects
  3. In parallel collecting and relating the theoretical approaches and tools for dealing with systems and systems, in particular those developed by on-going SoS projects
  4. Integrating the two views to provide a full picture of which tools and theories seem to be promising for which type of applications and where there are unresolved issues for which new research directions are needed
  5. Presenting these findings to the Working Group Members as well as to a larger audience and reviewing the feedback
  6. Finalization of the “demand and supply” map of theories and tools for systems of systems
  7. Presenting recommendations for a policy document “European research and innovation agenda on cyber-physical systems of systems”, supported by a set of technical papers, in a final public symposium “Cyber-physical Systems of Systems Meeting Societal Challenges”
  8. Publish the project materials in an edited volume


In order to achieve the project’s overall aim, a 30-month work plan has been designed based on 5 interrelated work packages

Work Packages

WP1: Working Groups set-up and preparatory work

WP2: Analysis of the state of the art and of the future challenges

WP3: Contribution to the European Research Agenda

WP4: Outreach and coordination

WP5: Project management