Working Group 2:

Physically connected Systems of Systems

Chair: Sebastian Engell

Sebastian Engell is a Professor of Process Dynamics and Operations at S EngellTU Dortmund. He is an internationally renowned expert in chemical process control and operations with strong ties to industry and has co-lead the preparation of the HYCON II Position Paper on Systems and Control. He  has a broad theoretical background from control theory to discrete and hybrid systems, experience in the use and development of advanced tools for specification, verification and optimization, and tool integration, and follows an interdisciplinary in integrative approach.

Working Group Members:

Sebastian ENGELL Technische Universität Dortmund (WG Chair / Project Coordinator )
Vladimir HAVLENA Honeywell Prague Laboratory
Patrick PANCIATICI RTE – Réseau de Transport d’Electricité
Francesco BRANCATI ResilTech SRL – Delegate FP7 Project AMADEOS
John FITZGERALD Newcastle University – Delegate FP7 project COMPASS
Elias KOSMATOPOULOS Technical University of Crete – Delegate FP7 project Local4Global
Stefan KRÄMER INEOS Köln – Delegate FP7 Project DYMASOS
John LYGEROS ETH Zürich – Delegate FP7 projects DYMASOS and Local4Global
Radoslav PAULEN TU Dortmund (Consortium member)


Please find more information about the CPSoS Working Group Members here.