Technische Universiteit EINDHOVEN, Netherlands

TUETU Eindhoven is a research university specializing in engineering science & technology. The Systems Engineering group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering focuses on model-based systems engineering, using quantitative methods for the analysis, design and implementation of hierarchical embedded systems exhibiting concurrent behaviour, such as machinery in the high-tech industry. The group has proposed a model-based systems engineering framework that integrates modeling, simulation, (supervisor) synthesis, verification, performance analysis, testing, and code generation. It developed the Chi language which is one of the first process algebraic modeling languages for hybrid systems and its accompanying toolkit for model-based system engineering. Presently, an important research focus is supervisory control theory for the synthesis of discrete-event systems, aiming at the automatic generation of machine control software, with applications in model-based software programs, logistic systems, transportation systems, manufacturing lines, integrated circuits, and management problems. Another focal point in the research of this group is the integrated application of validation and verification in the proposed model-based systems engineering framework such as post-synthesis verification of behavioural properties and performance analysis of synthesized supervisors.

The SE group recently participated in EU projects MULTIFORM, HYCON2, CON4COORD, ARTIST and HYCON, and national research projects TANGRAM (with ASML) and DARWIN (with Philips Medical Systems). In HYCON, the team developed the Compositional Interchange Format (CIF) for multitool environments; in MULTIFORM, this format was connected to many formalisms and tools click here that may also be used for Systems of Systems Engineering.

Main tasks in the project

Responsible for the WG3 “Tools for Systems of Systems Engineering and Management”.