European Systems of Systems Research and Innovation Cluster

The four EU projects on Systems of Systems – AMADEOS, CPSoS, DYMASOS and Local4Global – interact in various ways. Representatives of the projects AMADEOS, Local4Global and DYMASOS contribute to the three Working Groups set up by the CPSoS Support Action. Mutual participation in workshops and events and specific cluster meetings, as well as further interactions are organised around synthesis reports and strategic policy documents. Last but not least, a total of four joint newsletters will be published during the lifetime of CPSoS, containing contributions from and about the projects in the cluster.

The first joint meeting of the SoS projects has taken place on July 8, 2014 in Sophia Antipolis, France in the framework of the first review meetings of all four projects. The second one was then organised as “Open Workshop on Achievements in Systems of Systems Research and Innovation“, with participation from the European Commission and other external specialists, and took take place on May 28, 2015 in Florence, Italy.

About the cluster projects


The objective of AMADEOS is to bring time awareness and evolution into the design of System-of- Systems (SoS), to establish a sound conceptual model, a generic architectural framework and a design methodology, supported by some prototype tools, for the modelling, development and evolution of time-sensitive SoSes with possible emergent behaviours. Special emphasis is placed on evolution, emergence, dependability (e.g. safety, availability) and security, considering embedded devices and the cloud as the execution platform.


CPSoS provides a forum and an exchange platform for Systems of Systems-related communities and ongoing projects, focusing on the challenges posed by the engineering and the operation of technical systems in which computing and communication systems interact with large complex physical systems. Its approach is simultaneously integrative, aiming at bringing together knowledge from different communities, and applications driven.


The project will develop new methods for the distributed management of large physically connected systems with distributed autonomous management and global coordination. The research will be driven by case studies in electrical grid management and control, including the charging of electric vehicles, and industrial production.


The main objective of Local4Global – Systems of Systems that act locally for optimizing globally – is to develop, test and evaluate a new groundbreaking, generic and fully-functional methodology/system for controlling Technical Systems of Systems (TSoS) where – as in the case of «natural» systems such as biological systems click here to find more information, the human brain, animal herds (swarms), teams of interacting/cooperating humans and ecological systems – autonomous constituent systems reacting and interacting depend only on their local environment in order to optimize the emerging TSoS performance at the global level.