Plants love sunshine, but not the heat. A resident who turned a common corridor at Block 101 Pasir Ris Street 12 into a mini jungle has been served advisories by the town council on multiple occasions, and is currently working with the authorities to reduce the clutter. Examples abound of talented HDB dwellers who have been successfully growing and harvesting their own fruits and vegetables in their very own corridors. Strictly no placement/storage of objects at staircases and its immediate landing is allowed. dry risers & hose reels) can seriously hamper fire fighting efforts and smooth evacuation in a fire emergency, endangering your lives. It’s an offence to smoke in common areas in residential buildings including void decks, stairwells and common corridors. Car Parks. The items you will need are a shallow container, potting mix and suitable seeds such as sunflower, broccoli and buckwheat. No objects are to be placed along common corridors less than 1.2 m* wide. It was a pomegranate tree. There's nothing more Singaporean than living in an HDB flat. Well, turns out, cannot. The case of the cluttered corridor. So, avoid bushy plants in narrow corridors. It’s a tradition that many Chinese will follow as the pomegranate tree is believe to bring good luck and ward off bad ones. Over 30 plants removed from Pasir Ris HDB corridor after complaints The corridor at Block 101 Pasir Ris Street 12 after more than 30 potted plants were removed. Interests: Low Maintenance plants which do well in a very limited space on a HDB corridor that receives seasonal sunlight Posted 21 March 2010 - 10:25 AM Abby Lim, on 17 January 2010 - 12:25 PM, said: Others. It’s an offence to smoke in common areas in residential buildings including void decks, stairwells and common corridors. 2. Community. Every inch away from this heat source makes all the difference. Growing well in HDB Corridors and Balconies too Our OVW, though house 100 pots of leafy vegetables, it is small enough to be placed outside this 3-Room HDB flats, along their corridor. HDB hasn’t banned residents from their religious rituals — the current rules are merely in place to prevent the harmful side effects of smoke on young children or residents with respiratory diseases. One resident decided that she could use the corridor outside her HDB flat as a store. The type of plants you can introduce will depend on the corridor’s level of exposure to sunlight. Vandalism is illegal everywhere in Singapore. With the corridor dark and shadowy, a neighbour posted her complaint on […] You shouldn’t even be blocking the access to the staircase. No placement/storage of items within hosereel compartment. That community spirit was crucial to the on-going development of Singapore … Here are some examples of the businesses you can carry out at your HDB home: Remember the girl who 'gold foiled' the stairs recently hoping that it would be appreciated as a work of art? Access to dry/wet landing valves and dry/wet riser breeching inlet at common areas should not be obstructed. However, you need to follow some other local laws before you install this system on your unit. Get information on HDB flat matters that you may need to handle or know about when living in your HDB flat. You are required to observe quiet hours between 10.30 pm and 7 am, and that includes no noisy playtime, and not doing any renovation work. But are you sure you are not breaking these HDB flat rules in Singapore? In fact, there have even been cases of HDB flat owners losing their flats for renting them out on short term. The installation of CCTV cameras is generally not allowed on common property, including corridors and areas outside flats. No placement/storage of items within dry/wet riser compartment. Smoke or heat detectors must be properly and regularly maintained. Fire safety / fighting provisions are to be regularly serviced and ensure its operational readiness at all times. No smoking in the corridor and void decks. The plants are feared by one neighbour to be a major fire threat. And that means lift landings, corridors and staircase landings. Check them out! *The minimum unobstructed width of the corrider was increased from 1m to 1.2m after the revision of the Fire Code in 2013.

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