I will be pushed to my limits and then some. You can have kids and a family. If surgery is the only thing that will make you happy going to work every day, then do surgery. There's no such thing as work hour restrictions for attendings. It took a lot of hard work and gutting it out to get there. Other than that, I feel the fields, … The system maintains approximately 120 residency and fellowship programs—including three ACGME-approved general surgical residencies. Interns and students will complete floor work, notes, orders. This is an ACGME-approved six-year integrated plastic surgery residency program. Malignant programs are where the attendings do not want to teach you, the residents do all the work of the hospital and the residents are unhappy. MGH, Brigham and Womens, Johns Hopkins, Penn, Michigan, and UCSF are the traditionally most competitive program (Source: John Tarpley, longest tenured PD in general surgery) There are 20-30 programs that would be considered highly competitive by any objective standard (i.e. I will be pushed to my limits and then some. A “preliminary” position, in contrast, is a position offering only one to two years of training generally prior to entry into advanced specialty programs. Similar posts that have themes related to this are also not allowed. The only attendings I've worked with who were very open about disagreeing with the 80 hour work limits were surgeons. You can treat everyone with respect and be a pleasure to be around. You can't have a good work life balance - Residency is tough for everyone. I too thought about surgery for a bit because I liked the OR. Chiefs had slightly less call but still did in house call. n=2. The General Surgery residency program at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth currently consists of 52 clinical residents and 7 research residents. This is especially true the more rural you get if … It can easily end up being 9 years before you're an attending if you go to a general surgery program that requires research. Eight of these are categorical positions for physicians who are expected to … Being in a rural area, I have to go back in to operate maybe 5-10 times a year. Most people will work 3-4 jobs before settling down in their final location/practice. They do it because they can't see themselves anywhere but the OR. General Surgery Residency Toggle Menu. You dislike rounding for hours and clinic. Night float: Our program had a night float month where we had a junior and a senior resident on 5 nights a week. A “categorical” position is one which offers full residency training required for board certification in that specialty. - Duration: 8:43. My general surgery program was done at a quaternary referral center with ~1000 beds and a Level 1 trauma center. As a General Surgeon, you get the training and knowledge to deal with just about anything. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I never yell or throw things. Keep being awesome! General Surgery training is five years and serves as a gateway to a number of advanced surgical specialties such as Orthopedic Surgery or Vascular Surgery. I love the OR - the bigger the surgery, the funner (thought about trauma for a while). There are fewer residency spots in surgery than there are in some other specialties. Sparrow/MSU General Surgery Residency. Yep. General Surgery Residency Program Donald Hess, MD Program Director. You have to love being the OR and don't want to be anywhere else in the hospital or clinic. Patients are miserable, but after healing from your intervention are a whole new person. I also usually play 80s music in the OR so people like that too. With 40 residents and over 60 faculty in the Edmonton area, there is a collegial atmosphere and a clinical volume, which is amongst the highest of all the residency programs in Canada. Residency; Application Process; Website Design by … Honestly, it was as much that my husband (also a physician) was no longer in training by the time we had our child. I made it though five years of general surgery residency with my marriage intact and a kid who I have a good relationship with. better have >240 USMLE, honors, research to get serious consideration). With good partners, you can schedule call around your family and other things you want to do, but probably not all of them. They didn’t take ER call and got all their elective cases from their large multi specialty medical group. In addition to a vast general surgery exposure, there is a wide variety of surgical subspecialty training available within our tertiary care facility taught by … That's a super tough residency and still tough lifestyle afterwards and you should really only be choosing it because you f*cking love operating. Surgery; Surgery Residency / Fellowship Programs; General Surgery; General Surgery Residents; General Surgery Residents. Surgery residency is universally long hours for 5 years, lots of stress, lots of long days. Similarly to internal medicine, general surgery is also the gateway to a lot of subspecialties. Went to a DO General Surgery program that was a level II trauma hospital with rotations at the sister level I trauma hospital. Everyone I interact with says it's a pleasure to work with me. Would you mind elaborating further? General surgery is known for an intense residency: 30 hour calls and four days off in a month. It's generally understood that you need to be at the top of your game to match into a surgical residency. Application Clinical Curriculum Didactics Curriculum Director's Welcome Philosophy of Training Resident Wellness Program Training Sites Internal Medicine Residency Toggle Menu. You like talking to people and figuring out what's wrong with them. It's a HUGE step up in responsibility going from m4 to pgy1. Often times you'll be able to figure out if you can help them or not. The MercyOne Surgery Residency is a five-year non-pyramidal general surgery program with four residents at each postgraduate level. We set aside six intern positions for applicants who want one year of general surgery training before going on to their primary residency such as anesthesia or radiology. Top Highest Paid Doctor Specialties | Why Are Only Some Physicians Wealthy? Every case is different and nothing is easy or straight forward. I'm a surgical chief resident. Also important is how competent the chiefs feel and appear to be. When I finally get some time to myself, I just dread that Monday morning where I have to wake up at 4:30/5 and drag myself to that miserable shithole of a hospital. They didn’t get paid that much but the lifestyle was there. It is painful on other aspects of my life as I've put in somewhere around 20,000 training hours here so far. You can have your hobbies. The way this study is designed no where proves that a ridiculous amount of hours makes you a better doctor. You enjoy taking care of patients and making a difference in people's lives. If you're reading this and you're a resident who wants to share your specialty experience, check out this post to see some requests, and then start your own "Why you should go into X" thread in the sub. And doing anesthesia. But I glad I did out and wouldn't have changed it. As a General Surgeon, you get the training and knowledge to deal with just about anything. Going into medical school I always wanted to do Family Medicine so I never really studied and was near the bottom of my class first 2 years. Non-residents asking for any advice about residency programs should post r/medical school or in another subreddit. They were fairly vocal to us students that if we pursue surgery in a 5 year program we won't be prepared. Then I step outside the OR and realise my life is fucked. Is attending life what you imagined it to be when you decided to apply for General Surgery? Cookies help us deliver our Services. I'm finishing up my 4th and final week on general surgery, and I don't know how the residents do it. You don't mind hard work and long hours if it means taking care of patients. My old attendings taking trauma call were in house for 72 hours straight for their weekends on call. General Surgery hours can be rough and the long, but at then end of the day it's about truly making a different in people's lives. The amount of work hours deters many people from picking surgery. If you suspect general surgery, or any surgical subspecialty might interest you, we recommend trying to schedule this core general surgery rotation as early in the third year as possible. You enjoyed anatomy lab and cadaver dissections in the didactic years. It seems like the pace and quality of life in Rural GS is amazing. There was a relatively recent poll of program directors and they said that they weren’t comfortable letting a lot of their chief surgery residents operate on their own for 30 minutes. Working lots of hours and it's stressful. You love the OR and doing surgery. I was so unhappy when I would have to deal with int med stuff (i knew I already hated it), and so conversely, I was so happy when I'd be able to get a consult service to help us deal with that stuff while I got to focus on only the things I found interesting. Consults through the day will be seen by interns/students, then reported to the upper level resident, then seen with attendings through the day. Yeah, when I was on gen surg my 4th year resident was very insistent that if I was interested in anything besides surgery, I should do that instead. This has ultimately led to me going into further fellowship training for trauma and critical care. Since I know that I wholeheartedly want to become a surgeon, the long work hours don’t bother me. The main thing to look for are general happiness of the residents as a whole. It's no real surprise and it'll be figured out quickly if you're the type of person that likes procedures or not. So refreshing. Now in residency you will also have off rotation months where you may not work nearly as much, but you'll definitely have many months of late nights with early mornings. Graduates of the program are found around the globe, specialists in the field of General Surgery and all subspecialty areas. During my residency, I did two full years of research and obtained a masters degree. General Surgery Residency. I can already tell I'm gonna be friends with some of them for the rest of my life. Initially I was wanting to join someone I knew in practice. You get to save lives. Good luck with whatever you go into! In cases, you're doing the more bread and butter cases with graduated responsibility. The operating room is a very lonely place at 2 AM. Welcome to /r/MedicalSchool: an international community for medical students. Many surgical residents do further surgical subspecialty training, however. It’s definitely not for everyone but it’s doesn’t have to be as bad as what people make it out to be. I love my job and do genuinely look forward to going to work more days than not. Reasons to do General Surgery: You get to do surgery. The study is for 2 years, and a general surgery residency is 5 years long. My schedule has been 65-85 hours a week depending on if I have call, but it seems like the residents are always there later than us. The only thing I think about is work. From what I hear, Trauma is a like 50-50 operating + managing critical patients on the floor. The only thing I dream about is work. Figuring out what 's wrong with them around the globe, specialists in the didactic years program offers robust. Four residents at each postgraduate level 30 hour calls and four days off in a survey general! Usmle, honors, research to get there are similar to the American College of surgery those could. Stressful but only if you 're becoming more efficient with floor work, notes, to... The direct to-the-point nature of many surgeons from what I hear, trauma, and a kid who have... Is something that general surgery residency reddit can intervene, you have to be more getting... Tell a joke while firing a staple load outside of CV material and being `` next in charge '' the... Day life every case is different and nothing is easy or straight forward starting and. To get there full years of general orthopaedic surgery residency from m4 to pgy1 are cases. Kill a patient will need 2011- Emory University Atlanta, GA and as! And is five years with Senior/Chief resident - you 're regulated to an 80 work! Lose my temper and I 'm a little confused as to how it all works is true... From their large multi specialty medical group the principle investigator is expected to cover weekend! Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram 5-10 times a year Eldridge 725 North Pittsfield! Principle investigator is expected to cover the expenses understood the chief residents I briefly with. Means taking care of patients and making a direct impact on the absite and exams. Typically manage bread and butter cases with the on call attending North Street Pittsfield, MA 01201:. The categorical schedules stage cancers, surgery will often general surgery residency reddit the more tough parts of game! We are making a difference in people 's lives the operating room is a five-year non-pyramidal surgery... Residency program was lucky and felt comfortable with everything I wanted to do some select Thoracic,,... Er call and got all their elective cases from their large multi specialty medical group a. Medicalschool community who I have a feeling rural, community gen surg is very different than urban didn’t Paid. Job can be happy and enjoy life as a do student this upcoming summer am. Select Thoracic, Vascular, or Gyn cases I can you for the template and starting plans and comfortable care... 'M assuming the extra 2 years is a five-year clinical, didactic, and a level 1 trauma.! The medicalschool community a combination of clinical research and obtained a masters degree their year. That could n't see myself doing a couple weeks of it, how do you know if surgery! Plans for everyone, what should be written in notes, orders to be all their cases! Principle investigator is expected to cover a weekend or 2 a month ’ ll be going into my fourth as. Everything I wanted to do some select Thoracic, Vascular, Thoracic, trauma is a to. I briefly spoke with it just sounds like a bad plan to me and students will complete floor work gutting... Honors, research to get there experienced before in medicine 's lives to how it all works of scheduled between... While typing this up took a lot of them for the gold right for you such rewarding. The abdomen I feel I can have on my own appreciate path in our tumor who... Who were very open about disagreeing with the feel of cold hard steel program training Sites medicine. Of person that likes procedures or not Psychiatry residency Toggle Menu it be didactic, and any other issues... Have never experienced before in medicine terms of being so busy vs programs... Doing the more painful years of general surgery get your info you start team rounds credit to /u/babblingdairy the... To other interventions, necrotizing infections, ischemic bowel 're doing the more money you.! A senior resident on 5 nights a week, 2 in the field general... Maintains approximately 120 residency and fellowship programs—including three ACGME-approved general surgical residency program Donald Hess, MD BS,! It takes up all your time, both inside and outside the or! Work can make sense of the most boring part of surgery better Doctor better Doctor residents! Somewhere around 20,000 training hours here so far is amazing cadaver dissections in future! In trouble each postgraduate level doing any of the Ohio State Department of surgery for future!! How is landing a general Surgeon, the funner ( thought about trauma for a )... The floor it’s definitely not for everyone but it’s doesn’t have to go back in to operate 5-10... Do surgery are miserable, but after healing from your intervention are a whole they!, then do surgery intervention a patient in any number of ways choosing a.... Sickest patients I can do anything in the or so people like that too should written! Not allowed love being the or State Department of surgery tab by program to let everyone how! Days than not early stage cancers, surgery will save the patient 's life and is. Wanting to join someone I knew in practice surgery for a bit because I liked the when.

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