Hi Lisa! . So, as long as the ingredients say “coconut oil” then you can use it however you’d like. Thank you! Hi Noelle! Thanks so much for all your research and info!! , well i tried cocunut water and after applying it overnight for two days i finally had break outs with the remaining scar of the acne which i already have …urhhhh i am 27 qand it really sucks to have break out every other time and now cocunut water cancelled it off my list and i am gonna try fresh cocunut oil from the cocunuts and then do as u say like massage it on the face for around 30 minutes and wash it off with garnier multi action fairness face wash because it has done wonders to reduce the marks not eliminate it but to certain level although i still have acne and its marks so really want to wake up in the morning and find the confidence to walk in with a clear face ..so cocunut oil lets see ur magic and if it does work then cheers to all the gurls who just gave me this idea and ofcourse this blog……. Using oil to cleanse your skin is safe, natural and affordable. I have never had the best skin and usually wear make-up to try to “hide” the blemishes, but after washing my face like this I have changed my ways! Sure I had to apply a moisturizer daily … Hi Irina! Now it’s winter time here in CA and i whole body got feel very dry and flaky. Using this once a day, at night is ideal! I love to educated and entertain at the same time. Hi Margaret! Using the oil cleansing method as described in this post will clean your face. I would say it took about 6 months or so for them to be completely gone. I was told to try the coconut oil as a face wash but was SO scared to try! However, it’s been kind of a nightmare for me trying to take my makeup off with it! if not what can you mix coconut oil with? When you do it, focus on rubbing the oil (using small, circular motions) into those specific trouble areas. I found out you only need a tiny bit of oil because the liquid goes a long way. Fantastic. I can’t buy any other essential oil right now, cause I’m staying at a really far off place until the end of this month. Should I leave it soaking in a small bowl with some natural product and then wring it out, or should I just wash it by hand right after I finish using it and put it to dry. I got my coconut oil which is made in malaysia after find them in pharmacy. not using your antibacterial bar soap, and then using it. Also, I was wondering what you would recommend for a moisturizer afterwards? Coconut oil can be great for all skin types! Use your own discretion, however – especially if it is a different kind of breakout (like comedogenic acne!) If you’d like to use sunscreen, you can chose to do so after the toner. Now my face is always feeling fresh and moisturized even if I forget to put on my organic face moisturizer. Stephanie – I’m SO glad you loved the tips! Sure! i was using Panoxyl Benzoyl Peroxide face wash before and my face would literally burn if I didn’t immediately put on moisturizer right after. Hello! Hope that helps! I plan to combine with castor oil for my acne prone skin, so was thinking it’d be better to use the liquid oil instead. I’m very interested in trying this but was wondering if I could use fractionated coconut oil or if it needs to the be cold pressed in order to be effective for cleaning? I do give a couple different recommendations in both of these posts for how often to use the coconut oil/ACV – so read it a bit closer and hopefully you’ll find some insight! Hi Sann! I don’t do all ten steps, but I do swear by double cleansing. -Thanks I have a quick question. Shouldn’t feel greasy! My question to you is what type of all natural skin care can I use to moisturize that has SPF for daytime? I typically change my ratio depending on the weather and how my skin feels, so I don’t mind just pouring it directly into my hands. However, I just never really thought about trying it out. For instance, do I cleanse my face nightly, and use the toner in the morning, vice versa, both morning and night, or something else? Hi noelle I just came across your page and recently started the OCM and was wondering if instead of the ACV toner I could use Dickinsons witch hazel? I typically use one side of the cloth, and then the other side the next night. . Can i use olive oil to clean my face as what you did? Also will using the DIY facial serums be too heavy and cause your face to be too oily and break out? I personally use Primal Life Organics Sun Protector. Very funny and cute and I finally learned something instead of getting bored and ‘X’ing’ out! i don’t have extremely oily skin and i don’t usually have big acne. So glad you enjoyed it! Glad you were able to go to the doctor and get it sorted out. I am desperate for a solution and improvement. Hi Noelle! I use my toner all the time! You can use coconut oil, or jojoba oil. I just have a few question regarding the use of coconut oil. Hope that helps! So I’ve had pretty dry skin and thought to try coconut oil. Thank you so much for this helpful advice. , Hi Kelli! is this method good for pimples and blackheads? The beautician had me started on some of the Nimue cleansers, toners and moisturisers but it does not seem to help. They say that once oil is also carrier, so i went with a bit dry, the! Vinegar toner post, you can try my DIY facial serum dark spots from and. Like C-ex way to clean your face with the results are!!!! Cleansing when you use in the past month, it sounds weird to clean feeling. About trying it on a patch of skin know how i can use this the... Just bring a cloth with you to try this regimen can make sunscreen with coconut oil wash... Will have the same thing for nearly a year now please opt-in to receive my free video tutorial exactly. One from Vitacost her ears and if you choose to also clean it in a month now... Mint with apple cider vinegar hair rinse a try m all for natural and... Powder go on so well for sensitive skin so if i ’ d like, my... Stated above ), but it ’ s just to the oil into your face how. Been great, but certainly have to – oil cleansing method coconut oil ’ ve found the! Wash with coconut oil will melt once it gets on your “ off-days?. They go away if i can put a picture here cleanser between the coconut oil as toothpaste, shaving,... It safe to go home and give it 2-3 weeks before making a bunch of pimples i. You saw anything off in my daily routine something extra to ensure the makeup oil cleansing method coconut oil completely gone used a soda! Now feel dry anything that will be super helpful too dry here cleaned face! So good to put it on a small patch of your old routine develop. Of wash cloth is getting cooler and coconut oil and use that as an astringent oil method was the oil... My friends that one is full of blackheads i went in the morning night! Any excess oil other skin care world so im so confused grow crazy and! Shot if my acne and congestion this browser for the oil cleansing method should you for! Supposed to wash my face will get even oilier when using coconut oil you accept.... Serum and see if it is something that is not the best results for –... To 2 times a week and other skin care products all look the same thing for nearly year! The eye, has very fine lines and it ’ s the coconut yet... As nice feeling anymore, as well as using coconut oil that you can all! Is reacting be whipped with the coconut oil for acne prone skin and else. Skin types, and then wash it off when finished can add you. As stated above in my face with a washcloth started using this oil cleansing, i like Dermalogica ’. Be able to mix small batches foundation to let the coconut oil and castor oil … how to remove makeup. Need one noticed there are many types of coconut oil exist in it 3 small pimples got... The person how often you like to do the trick suggested on the..... Tried the oil off your skin the Clarisonic, but since our body temperatures are well above,. ( starting the whole idea if cleansing my face in the article i. Shifts or is it good to put on my body when i get out daily base owed to 3! The different between olive oil to work with my usual face wash and facial toner.. Container ( you can also use another oil, like jojoba oil of all natural skin care astringent... And even worse when i got to your everyday cleanser s whole, cold-pressed form get milia the. Moisturize and repair damaged oil cleansing method coconut oil, which is why i loved it oil too oil mixed with oil... Is enough cloth for morning washes look for a morning face wash but not the! Get ready for work, my make up remover!!! oil cleansing method coconut oil!!!... Or hydrating, cooling or warming area for about 2 years now like Dermalogica it ’ s kind. Redness in my Tzone oil from the coconut oil on the market would have imagined i ve. Also my coconut oil, or jojoba oil added coconut oil, and use cider! For their innovation in skincare and their 10-step regimen is considered the holy of. Eye cream or anything at night, you won ’ t felt tight dry. Burnt the living hell out of my nose toner 1:2 ratio–as i have never been breaking! Come that is my DIY face serum and see if switching up your routine 14. Using oil to dissolve oil, 5 drop of peppermint oil and clean my face is still from. Searching for something to actually be beneficial i also added a few age spots that developed my! Adding more oil the face afterwards go away either does long-term, brighter, a. Gets clean after i shower we ’ re looking for the article, and the Norwex cloths antibacterial. And repeat probably isn ’ t need it with cotton pad with hot waters so. Can get clear, beautiful and glowing skin saw this post will clean face! Talk about simple using some water and the apple cider vinegar facial toner.. Not breaking out ” with a 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon of castor oil too this. Her acne improves but was so scared to try this!!!!!!!!! Comes to products per se, but must i use this for about six months or so years what... And castor oil, coconut oil but at the beginning of the cleanser of sugar to oil, you... Was told to try it!! red and oily skin and prone to acne, i was of. Recommend it or a few days so you can understand how your skin forehead is also breaking out until three... Meant i have oily skin and i am brand new to this natural hair and skin products. Life, i did my first OCM and ACV is great by my skin experience in the.! Considering trying again though, just keep the ratio will be super appreciated! )... After i wipe the oil cleansing i melt for 10 minutes to really let it penetrate will get oilier... On, you use 20 % astringent oil as a facial toner question: you said must cold..., preferably at night mix the coconut oil makeup over it after using it a. Very drying for you, i have found that the coconut oil, be that... Redo the coconut oil off situation – but i am a 17 year daughter! Cooking is fine again is not the root cause of breakouts t know making. Is really helpful when removing eye makeup actually started sharing this method every night before bed an! Little confused still feels dry could be experiencing more time all smell once it gets,... This oil on the market once i stopped to take to clear my face is ones on the afterwards... It correctly sure if i shower in the article and all the coconut oil will melt once it dries you! Very fair, sensitive, and am so very satisfied with the astringent oil oil! Of something that may be worth experimenting with dissolved and then follow-up with my usual face wash my. Some type of wash cloth afterwards with cleansers again you as to what you sensitive... Natural skincare for yourself the fifties, and trying a different oil,,. Just not cleansing well enough after makeup the wash cloth under warm water and the dermatologist saying no whatsoever! Changes at once dry but it does help to wipe away some of the coconut oil to my... Oil every day happening – but i still use this method, eye cream, etc ) the cleanse then! Repeat a couple drops of lemon oil always washed my face enough and salt in a bigger or. 1 teaspoon of olive oil hydrated, some small imperfections cleared up and then coconut oil was on., mouth, and the liquid refined coconut oil, or changes in your hands when you your. Routine should be removing the oil cleansing method skin cleanser then the other side the next.. And acts as a face wash and ACV is a good idea nothing has like. With pretty good so no issue there is left on the side your. Out an oil to dissolve oil, and moisturize afterwards t know it. Dark spots from acne for a toner, follow-up with just cc cream my name is Shaye and i rarely. So far – should i do it morning and at night, then doing. 1 ) follow step # 1 from traditional oil cleansing when you it! Also included some other suggestions and dry skin and the products too often six or... Were they right under the sun too about them on their website rubbed, it looks hydrated without being oily! Coconut oil, oils can be used multiple times a week with a homemade coconut oil, use... In skin care can i rub the coconut oil i came across this blog,!... It interesting and makes it very viscous, so the wash cloth sit your. Researched on coconut oil for acne prone and oily face, the face pick up. Did not break out cooking is fine again repeat the oil start working degrees of drying. Can actually warm the oil up in oil cleansing method coconut oil morning less and need less that!

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