66(3): 463-473. 75:12128-12140. 5): S418-S422. Ebola binding to Tim-1 on T-Lymphocytes induces a cytokine storm. J. Virol. (2018) Therapeutic human monoclonal antibody MR191against Marburg virus targets a conserved site to block receptor binding. Dis. Several strategies have been developed in the past to treat EBOV infection, including the antibody cocktail ZMapp, which has been shown to be effective in nonhuman primate models of infection 1 and has been us … The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Graduate Training in Experimental Pathology, Pathology Residency & Fellowship Program, Paul Brindley Distinguished Professorship, Pathology Microscope Imaging Core Laboratory, 2018 DMT Conference UTMB Faculty & Staff Registration. King, B. R. West, C. L. Moyer, P. Gilchuk, A. Flyak, P. A. Ilinykh, R. Bombardi, S. Hui, K. Huang, A. Bukreyev, J. E. Crowe, Jr. and E. Ollmann Saphire (2019). 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Openshaw (2007). These topic labels come from the works of this person. *Co-corresponding author. However, if your physician has ordered a test to be performed in one of our clinical laboratories, please choose the location that best fits your needs from the options below. Dive into the research topics where Thomas Ksiazek is active. Ward, A. Bukreyev,* and J. E. Crowe, Jr. (2016) Cross-reactive and potent neutralizing antibody responses in human survivors of natural Ebolavirus infection. Ward. Non-commercial Partnership "Center of Modern Medical Technologies TEMPO". Irma Cisneros, PhD Director, Pathology Imaging Core Lab Email: ircisnero@utmb.edu Phone: (409) 772-3938. MCP M114.041129. K. A. Dave, E. L. Norris, A. 80:5854-5861. July 16, 2011. Crowe Jr. Turner, T. Alkutkar, R. Flinko, C. Orlandi, R. Carnahan, R. Nargi, R.G. Biol. A. Bukreyev, S. S. Whitehead, N. Bukreyeva, B. R. Murphy, and P. L. Collins (1999). 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The article was chosen for UTMB and the Vanderbilt University press releases on 5/26/2015. In 2017-2018, UTMB CLS graduates earned 100% ASCP Board of Certification one-year pass rate. Member of Global Viral Network, 2011-present. mBio 8(2) e00226-17. J. Infect. The article was chosen for UTMB press release and NIH press release on 7/13/2015. Turner, T. Alkutkar, R. Flinko, C. Orlandi, R. Carnahan, R. Nargi, R.G. J. Clin. Natl. J. Infect. Kirchdoerfer., K. M. Hastie, A. Sangha, J. Meiler, G. Alter, A. Bukreyev, J. E. Crowe, Jr., and E. Ollmann Saphire. A high throughput screen identifies benzoquinoline compounds as inhibitors of Ebola virus replication. 90(15):7567-83. Acad. , N. Kuzmina, C. D. Murin, C. Bryan, E. Davidson, P. Gilchuk, C. P. Gulka, P. A. Ilinykh, X. Shen, P. Ramanathan, K. Huang, H. Turner, M. L. Fusco, R. Lampley, N. Kose, H. King. The article was chosen for Lancet press release on 06/23/04 and the NIH press release on 06/24/04. B. (2018). M. Meyer, T. Garron, N. M. 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R. Murphy, S. Samal, P. L. Collins, and A. Bukreyev (2007). Vaccine, 27 (10):1530-1539. Bestel online of kom langs in onze winkels. 70:6634-6641. J. Virol. J. Virol. J. Virol. Our collaborators include Dr. James Crowe, Jr. (Vanderbilt University), Dr. Chris Basler (Mount Sinai), Dr. Sergei Nekhai (Howard University), Dr. Thomas Geisbert (UTMB), Dr. Siba Samal (University of Maryland), Dr. Scott Weaver (UTMB), Dr. Raul Andino (UCSF), and Dr. Werner Braun (UTMB). mBio 8(5) e00845-17. The Master of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Science (MSCLS) in the School of Health Professions is designed to prepare the clinical laboratory scientist for a career in research, teaching or management within clinical laboratory medicine. C. Le Nouën, P. Hillyer, S. Munir, C. C Winter, T. McCarty, A. Bukreyev, P. L Collins, R. L Rabin, and U. J Buchholz (2010). Expression of interleukin-4 by recombinant respiratory syncytial virus is associated with accelerated inflammation and a non-functional cytotoxic T lymphocyte response following primary infection but not following challenge with wild-type virus.

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