[2][3], Kagura is first seen peering over the door outside of Shigure's house and quietly asks Tohru if Kyo is around. [3], Kagura attends the Sohma banquet on New Year's Eve, where she is seen happily spending her time with the other Zodiacs minus Kyo. Create New Account. Her mother then tells Kagura not to go to the Sohma cottage since Akito Sohma had gone there as well, and she didn't want Kagura to get hurt. This enrages Rin, as she grabs Kagura and screams in her face that she has no right to hit Tohru. After realizing that Kyo was the Cat and that she had it much better than him and would never have to suffer as much as he would, Kagura found solace in him and became friends with him out of pity. SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA su ordini idonei This is most evident regarding her feelings for Kyo; when the target of her affections is present as her extremely passionate feelings are shown, they are also accompanied by actual physical violence as seen when she beats Kyo up. Kagura realizes that Tohru loved the Cat in the zodiac story, hence why she likes Kyo. See more of Fruits Basket on Facebook. Kagura breaks down in tears while repeatedly telling Kyo that she loves him. See more of Fruits Basket on Facebook. Affiliazioni: Kagura Sōma. She is depicted as a girlish young girl with great strength, and the impulsive behavior associated with those born in her zodiac year. A rice ball doesn't belong in a fruits basket. i was too poor to buy a wig. (A/N: I really like my other two stories of Fruits Basket, so I'm putting them together in this story - enjoy.) In the 2019 anime, Tohru secretly follows Kagura to the convenience store and pays for the items when Kagura realizes she didn't bring her wallet. Following this incident, instead of acknowledging how much pain it caused Kyo, Kagura focused on and tried to hide her own guilt by convincing herself that she loved him. Her school uniform, which she only has been seen in a couple of times, consists of a white tailored shirt with black sleeves, a yellow ribbon, and a black shirt underneath. Relazioni Sōma Kagura She also once unintentionally knocked Tohru out on the floor with a single slap,[4] and apparently destroys parts of her house in fits of anger on a regular basis. :bigtu: Fruits Basket Cosplayers in general= YES YES YES YES!!! It was serialized in the semi-monthly Japanese magazine Hana to Yume, published by Hakusensha, from 1998 to 2006. She has brown-colored hair due to sharing similar traits with her animal, the Boar. Because of this, Kagura believes Tohru to be a rival for Kyo's affections and challenges her, but Kyo shuts her mouth when she mentions his "true form". Despite this, she is shown to genuinely be friendly and is noted to have a big-sister type of personality. However, when Kagura briefly mentions Kyo, Rin tells Kagura to quit her unrequited since it looks painful before setting off, which upsets Kagura greatly. Molto femminile e dolce, è anche dotata di una distruttiva forza fisica ed è ossessionata da Kyo Soma; è convinta che lo sposerà, principalmente perché lo spinse a dichiararsi quando erano bambini ma anche per il fatto che non si trasformano quando si abbracciano. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. [16], When Rin graduated from high school while being hospitalized, Kagura went in her place to collect her graduation certificate. Shigure says that Kagura's behavior towards Kyo is like "bullying the one you love". Kagura then arrives at the scene and slaps Tohru across the face and yells at her that she needs to confess her feelings properly to Kyo himself. Maybe I have a long way to go. Le migliori offerte per Fruits BASKET HONDA Tooru Soma Kagura shigure KYO YUKI Acrilico Portachiavi sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e … Log in Sign up. While she can appear shy, polite and girly in one moment, at another she can become extremely rude, forceful and emotionally aggressive in a matter of seconds. Compra Fruits Basket: Kagura Patch by Fruits Basket. Fruits Basket è un manga shōjo scritto e disegnato da Natsuki Takaya, pubblicato in Giappone sulla rivista Hana to Yume di Hakusensha dal luglio 1998 al novembre 2006. Tra settembre 2015 e marzo 2019 … [2], She has no sense of personal space and is very clingy with Kyo, but she has also been shown to hug other members like Yuki Sohma. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Story Overview 3.1 History 3.2 Second Year Arc 4 Relationships 4.1 Kagura Sohma 5 Trivia 6 References 7 Navigation She is a fair-skinned woman in her middle age with a pair of light-colored eyes, who usually wear lipstick. Kagura is the Boar of the Chinese Zodiac. During her introduction, she is seen wearing a short-sleeved dark yellow dress with a long-sleeved light yellow shirt underneath, and a pair of beige and light-brown colored boots. Kagura is not bipolar as she doesn't appear to have manic episodes or depression but she does experience violent mood swings. The name Kagura is derived from the eleventh month. https://fruits-basket.fandom.com/it/wiki/Kagura_Soma?oldid=767. In the 2019 anime, all scenes involving cooking and shopping focused around Kagura's jealousy of Tohru is anime-only. When Akito attacks Yuki during the banquet, Kagura immediately protects Kisa. [4][5] Even though she is dishonest with her feelings, she genuinely wishes happiness for Kyo and Tohru.[6]. Sections of this page. Kagura's role in the true form arc in the 2001 anime is different from the manga and the 2019 anime. Whenever she is hugged by the opposite sex, or if her body goes through a great deal of stress, Kagura transforms into her Chinese Zodiac form. She is also good friends with Ritsu Sohma. When it comes to love, Kagura is proactive. Wanting to prevent Kagura from making a mess and to kick both Kagura and Kyo out of the house, Shigure forces Kyo to go shopping with Kagura. [To Kyo] Being away from everyone else may be lonely, ... (Runs from Kagura) I don't want to be anyone's burden. But she’ll learn they have a shocking family secret! In the sequel series Fruits Basket another, Kakeru has a daughter named Michi. She also reveals that she is a member of the Zodiac and that since she doesn't transform while hugging Kyo, they are meant to be together. painting-cinema. From that day on, Kagura has tried to force Kyo to love her back for this very reason. [2], A few months later, a day before Valentine's Day, Kagura waits for Kyo outside of his school, but upon seeing her, he attempts to flee. Fanfiction su Kagura Soma, Kyo Soma, Shigure Soma, Toru Honda, Yuki Soma. Kagura Soma [18], Once all the Zodiacs' curse breaks, Kagura is invited to the final banquet of all by Akito. Kagura also thought that by accepting "Kyo the monster", she could become a beautiful person, and if Kyo liked her back, the Kagura that only played with Kyo out of pity and the mean Kagura who ran away from Kyo's true form ― it would be as they never exist. After coming to her senses, Kagura is shocked to see her beloved Kyo beaten up, oblivious to the truth. Fruits Basket Kagura Sohma Kyo Sohma Night Tohru Honda Yuki Sohma. Kagura's curse was the overall eighth to break.[18]. Kagura Soma è uno dei personaggi ricorrenti di Fruits Basket. Kagura's appearance differs between the manga and the anime adaptions: The manga depicts Kagura with dark brown eyes. Kyo comforts Kagura by hugging her and thanks her for everything. I pensieri sono grassetto, corsivo e con il colore del personaggio. Kagura is a petite young woman of average build and height, with fair skin which is prone to blushing, who has a pair of big, round dark brown eyes. Kagura lives with both of her parents, who loves her dearly and are perfectly fine with her double-edged personality; and her distant relative Isuzu Sohma. Alt… Un adattamento anime prodotto dallo Studio Deen è stato trasmesso in Giappone su TV Tokyo a partire dal 5 luglio al 27 dicembre 2001. After Yuki's encounter with Kyo's true form, Kagura is also seen treating Yuki's wounds. Parenti: Fruits Basket Wiki è una comunità di FANDOM a proposito di Anime. Kagura Sohma from the anime Fruit Basket. Puoi aiutare Fruits Basket Wiki cercando di espanderlo. She becomes good friends with Tohru Honda despite viewing her as a romantic rival at first, and willingly gives up on Kyo when it's made clear that Tohru is the one he truly loves. Kagura's mother adds that it was Shigure Sohma who had invited Akito, frustrating Kagura to the point of destroying her front door. Kagura in her boar form from the 2001 version. A simple and subtle design of Soma Kagura’s boar zodiac symbol from the anime and manga Fruits Basket. Jokes aside, they talk about Kyo and Tohru and think back to the memories they share. Akito tries to apologize for everything she has done, but without success. Vive con i suoi genitori e Isuzu. During that time, a seven-year-old Kagura met a five-year-old Kyo, who was drawing an egg with a tree branch. Kagura realizes that she crossed the line and gives Rin a hug and apologizes to her. However, she hugs him and explains how frustrated she is about the new situation. Kotono Mitsuishi (anime 2001)Rie Kugimiya (anime 2019). https://fruitsbasket.fandom.com/wiki/Kagura_Sohma?oldid=63522. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. famiglia Soma This is mostly evident when Kyo, the target of her affections is present as her extremely passionate feelings are shown, often accompanied by actual physical violence as seen when punches and even swings Kyo around. Lei è il maiale dello zodiaco cinese. [2], To prove her love, Kagura insists on cooking dinner. Press alt + / to open this menu. The two develop a friendship thereafter. While on their "date", Kagura asks Kyo about hiding his "true form" from Tohru, but he shuts her mouth for mentioning it.[10]. [13], During summer vacation, Kagura tells Isuzu Sohma that they should go out together sometime, and recalls that Tohru and the other Zodiacs had gone to the Sohma cottage. The new anime adaptation was announced in November 2018. Log In. capitolo 4, episodio 3 Sohma Kagura is a character from Fruits Basket. Kagura gradually confesses about how pitying Kyo and finding solace in him, the Cat, made her life less miserable. Kagura later thinks to herself that she neither wants sympathy or compassion from anyone, and that her feelings of sorrow and joy are hers alone. #1. Thereafter, Kagura introduces herself and explains that she is Kyo's fianceé, though Kyo points out that it was under duress when Kagura brandished a knife when they were children. Porta i tuoi fandom preferiti con te e non perdere mai un colpo. Kagura Sohma (草摩 楽羅, Sōma Kagura, "Kagura Soma"[1]) is one of the recurring characters of the Fruits Basket series. That night when Kazuma removes the rosary from Kyo's wrist and exposes his true form in front of Tohru, Kagura watches from behind the scenes and covers her eyes with the curtains. added by rosehedgehog222. Ayame Sōma. 2 【FRUITS BASKET】A VOCALOID Singen FRUITS BASKET! Tohru goes from living in a tent to rooming with the mysterious boys of the Soma clan. [5], Towards the end, Kagura and Ritsu are seen spending time with another as they have started new chapters of their lives; Kagura will be working and is packing up from the main house, and Ritsu has cut his hair short and begun dressing in male clothing. Fruits Basket Kagura Sohma Fruits Basket Kagura Sohma Cursor Adorable young girl Kagura Sohma, the boar of the Chinese Zodiac, head over heels in love with Kyo Sohma, in the custom cursor from the Fruits Basket anime series. Jump to. Molto femminile e dolce, è anche dotata di una distruttiva forza fisica ed è ossessionata da Kyo Soma ; è convinta che lo sposerà, principalmente perché lo spinse a dichiararsi quando erano bambini ma anche per il fatto che non si trasformano quando si abbracciano. [15], On the day of their "date", they went to the place where they first met and where Kagura first discovered Kyo's true form. Kagura reveals that she doesn't want Tohru to see her since she doesn't know how to face her regarding their situations with Kyo. Kagura is seemingly the only female member of the Zodiac that has not been personally hurt by Akito. The Boar is the twelfth of all zodiac animals. Kagura is cursed by the spirit of the Boar of the Zodiac. Unbeknownst of what would happen, Kagura witnessed Kyo's true form; horrifying her and prompting her to run away. Like all the Cursed Sohmas, their respective animals are drawn to them; and in Kagura's case, boars. Afterward, she waves Kyo goodbye and hopes to see them all again. The two girls start cooking hamburgers together and develop a friendship. :heart: #9: moonrabitt on 14 years ago: Good job^^ (havn't seen this Kagura version cosplayed before [QUOTE=calen383]..things i know could have been improved:--my hair is not the same as hers, i know. 2,292 Reviews Scanned. In the manga and 2019 anime, she watches gloomily while covering her eyes with the curtains. video. However, immediately after, Kagura punches him in the face and starts beating him up. Rank No. And Kyo, unbeknownst to Kagura's true feelings, happily accepted her friendship. Kagura is touched after being praised by Tohru. In the manga and 2019 anime, Kyo revealed that Kagura had threatened him to agree to marry her with a knife. The new adaptation would start in April 2019, and would adapt the entire manga. The 2001 anime depicts her with grey eyes and the 2019 anime depicts her with brown-greyish eyes. Recent Top. (thinking about Kazuma) Maybe I'm not perfect. Fruits Basket is all about the Chinese zodiac spirits who possess the Soma family clan and how one clumsy high school girl has the power to heal their battered souls. Nel 2001, l'opera ha vinto il premio Kodansha nella categoria shōjo. After witnessing Kyo's transformation off-screen, Kagura anxiously sits alone in one of the rooms in Shigure's house, only to be checked up on by Yuki. She is a second-year student at a private girls' junior college. She also threatened Kyo into proposing to her using a knife once. ! She has loved him since childhood, but her true feelings are rooted in a secret sadness. She is the mother of Kagura Sohma. Log In. Doppiaggio Even her bedroom is overflowing with plush orange cats - "enough orange to in one place to hurt the eyes". Kagura suggests for the two of them to go to the beach and meet everyone; especially Tohru, since Rin still hadn't met her. Kagura and Tohru's bonding time was not included in the manga, but both anime adaptions deviate from this: In 2001 anime, Kagura is seen sulking whilst repairing the door she broke the same morning due to her temper. Follow. Browse through and read or take kagura ... and being the curious pair they are - they just have to take a peek. Fruits Basket (Japanese: フルーツバスケット Hepburn: Furūtsu Basuketto), sometimes abbreviated Furuba or Fruba (フルバ), is a Japanese shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya. At the same time, Momiji Sohma appears and takes a picture of the two of them hugging, which satisfies both Kagura and Momiji, leaving Kyo to wonder if they are accomplices. Kagura then realizes how selfish she had been for always thinking of herself and not Kyo's feelings. Forgot account? bakublader Heh Heh Heh, Kagura Sohma turned back into her nice, kind-hearted, and sweet self after almost fatally injuring Kyo Sohma. She also realizes that even though her crush on Kyo was initially based on pity, his personality and gestures eventually made a part of her become serious about pursuing him. She also believed that it was her fault that her parents fought all the time, and when she saw her mother crying afterward, Kagura couldn't stand how much she hated herself. Add to library 215 Discussion 63. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Fruits Basket Season 2, Episode 11, "All Mine," now streaming on Crunchyroll.. Aside from her brief conversation with Rin in the opening of Episode 8, Kagura Sohma hasn't been a significant presence in this season of Fruits Basket.That changes with this week's episode, "All Mine," the most Kagura-centric episode of the series since her … Accessibility Help. Later on, Kagura explains to Kunimitsu Tomoda that everything is fine between Tohru and her even if they don't apologize to each other, since they understood each other "through their fists". 1280x1024 Anime Fruits Basket AlphaEdifice6083. I don't want you to be my dad if it's going to hurt you. Kagura's introduction in the 2001 anime, compared to the manga and 2019 anime, is much more comedic, as she if seen troubling Kyo and making a mess of the house. Prima apparizione: 0 Rie Kugimiya. High quality Fruits Basket gifts and merchandise. And Kagura likes Kyo, so isn't that incest too? 46 notes. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [3], After being rejected by Kyo, Kagura realizes how self-centered she had been, and towards the end of the series, her personality mellows down to a gentler and more emotionally mature girl who has less violent outbursts and no problem to apologize if she thinks she has crossed a line. Lista degli episodi di Fruits Basket, secondo adattamento anime tratto dall'omonimo manga di Natsuki Takaya, trasmesso in Giappone su TV Tokyo dal 2019. On Valentine's Day, Tohru and Yuki accompany Kyo and Kagura for their double date, where they go to watch the Mogeta movie. Kagura. As Tohru Honda meets the members of the zodiac and becomes a pseudo-member of the family, she comes face to face with their darkest secrets. Kagura is mentioned to be a very feminine girl and often dresses in blouses, dresses, and skirts. Fruits Basket 2nd Season: impressioni sul primo episodio della nuova serie. Kagura is usually a sweet, polite, considerate, and friendly girly girl, but she is also very strong-willed, impulsive, and can become extremely violent, forceful, self-centered, and emotionally aggressive in a matter of seconds. Kagura invites herself to their home because she wants to taste Tohru's cooking as they now had become friends. Added 21025 times The two would often play together, and it is mentioned that Kagura was a student at Kazuma Sohma's dojo like Kyo, leaving her with massive strength. Comment. Later, when Akito Sohma reveals herself to be a woman, Kagura is very surprised. She later overhears when Tohru confesses to Rin that she loves Kyo and won't let the curse or anything come between them. She stalks him, washes his clothes, and tries to handle the pot but fails. Ritsu laughs, since he knows that Kagura wants both of them to be happy.[6]. Machi Kuragi Voiced by: Yuki Kaida (Drama CD), Ai Kakuma (2019 anime) (Japanese); Caitlin Glass (English) Machi Kuragi (倉伎 真知, Kuragi Machi) is treasurer of the student council during Yuki Soma's presidency and a classmate of Hatsuharu and Momiji. She used to be cursed by the spirit of the boar of the Chinese zodiac which caused her to transform into a boar when hugged by a member of the opposite sex. Fruits Basket English Dub Casts Tia Ballard as Kagura, Mikaela Krantz as Momiji (Feb 20, 2019) New Fruits Basket Anime's English Dub Brings Back John Burgmeier as Shigure (Feb 18, 2019) [9], During summer the next year, Kagura visits again by inviting herself to Shigure's house and waiting for Kyo. Rōmaji: Photos of the Fruits Basket (2019) (Show) voice actors. Kagura soon realizes that she slapped Tohru unconscious. And I've watched the whole Fruits Basket series on Netflix, but I haven't read the manga yet, so this might've been explained in the manga and I didn't know. Kagura tries to be her usual self with him - affectionate, clingy, and aggressive, but Kyo calms her down and tells her that he wants to talk about something. Since she has been trained at Kazuma's dojo, her capacity to wreak havoc is apparently unparalleled. Tohru offers her onigiri, and Kagura is touched by her kindness. However, Kagura had grown increasingly suspicious about Rin's situation, since no one knew which hospital Rin was hospitalized in, and even contacting her didn't work. Sign Up. Fruits Basket Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. MadrePadre In Chinese culture, Boars have a beautiful personality and are blessed with good fortune in life, which applies to Kagura in some aspects. Kagura Soma (草 (そう) 摩 (ま) 楽 (かぐ) 羅 (ら) Sōma Kagura) is one of the supporting characters of Fruits Basket. At some point, Kagura insisted that she wanted to wear Kyo's Juzu bead bracelet, and she eventually took it by force when Kyo rejected the idea. [4], When Kagura's curse breaks, she is seen strolling around the streets, and begins crying over having it broken.

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