Add to cart. N; XL; Add to cart You might also like. Air Plant Care Menu; Air Plant Care Frequently Asked Questions In Depth Care Guide A Starter's Guide to Air Plants ... Tillandsia baileyi x streptophylla. Tillandsia Victoriana quantity . This air plant grows to around 25cm in length, but clumps vigorously and can get quite dense over time. Commonly known as Old Man's Beard and Spanish moss. $ 0.75 – $ 3.50 Select options; Tillandsia bulbosa $ 1.25 – $ 4.00 Select options; Tillandsia bulbosa “Belize” $ 4.00 – $ 10.00 Select options; Tillandsia butzii $ 1.25 – $ 3.25 Select options; Tillandsia capitata peach Sale! Size. from $11.95 'Cuicatlan' Air Plants - Rare. Related products. The primary bracts are green. Their inflated bases form a pseudobulb. Butzii Tillandsia. Sold without support. Eventual (Mature) Height: 20cm Tillandsia baileyi Click thumbnails for full size, scaled to a new window. Terms and conditions; Delivery / Payment; Legal information; Sitemap; Contact; Categories. Tillandsias. subtropical . Tillandsia baileyi quantity. Add to cart . They come in a huge array of sizes and shapes and include the amazing Tillandsia usneoides - more commonly known as Old Mans Beard or Spanish Moss. Tillandsia baileyi Rose ex Small; Tillandsia baileyi Rose ex Small is an accepted name . from $24.95 Sale SALE - Giant Juncea - Set of 10, 15 or 20 Air Plants - 50% Off. Tillandsia Baileyi - Air Plant. Tillandsia balsasensis. Adding to your cart. Back to plant groups Next page > 1 - 10 / 25. $ 0.75 – $ 15.00 Select options; Tillandsia bandensis small clump $ 1.50 Add to cart; Tillandsia brachycaulos Sale! This plant looks quite like the Tillandsia Caput Medusae, but is somewhat smaller in size.The unique form of the Tillandsia Baileyi however, makes it a real must-have since this plant can be perfectly used for decorational purposes. Tillandsia baileyi, commonly known as the reflexed airplant or Bailey's ball moss, is a species of bromeliad that is native to southern Texas in the United States and Tamaulipas in Mexico.It is found along the Gulf of Mexico from Kingsville, Texas to Tampico, Tamaulipas.Preferred host plants for this epiphyte include Southern live oak (Quercus virginiana) and Texas ebony (Ebenopsis ebano). As such, these plants prefer warm to hot temperatures, humidity, and air circulation. They have fine but strong hair like roots that grow for the purpose of anchoring the plant to it's mount - not for transmission of nutrients. Suggested growing condition Airflow: Moderate. Email Address. Tillandsia bandensis . Add to Cart is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock. More Accounts and Images; Flora of North America (TIBA) Integrated Taxonomic Information System (TIBA) Wildlife. Bromeliad Tillandsia have a life cycle of one plant growing to maturity and blooming. Tillandsia baileyi. Half the fun of Tillys is watching and waiting for them to burst into color! Bailey's Ball Moss blooms from the simple inflorescence. Add to cart. Often resembling the shape of a comet, and it’s trail. [Add your review] Back to top. Slender, curly, silvery leaves cascade in a curtain of foliage. Tillandsias identification plant care: Podobne so: Tillandsia tenuifolia Tillandsia aeranthos V domovini cvete od decembra do februarja. Tillandsia baileyi is a variety of plant air from Texas and northern Mexico. The Tillandsia species doesn’t require soil to grow as they absorb water through their leaves. Tillandsia balsasensis. Bromeliaceae (T) Group. Tillandsia Victoriana $ 10.00. $4.00. Tillandsia Macbrideana Original from Peru, where a humid climate grows under rocks and cracks subject to indirect light and color that emphasizes its flowering takes on a pinkish, with a central intense pink flower that stands out for its size with respect to the plant itself. Minimum temperature in winter. Regular price $4.00. The floral bracts are imbricate, green and very scaly. Visit our online nursery. Angiosperms. Tillandsia baileyi x streptophylla. Family. 18 in stock. €3.95 . Latin name. It clumps easily and capable of growing tall. Tillandsia baileyi var Hayley's Comet quantity. Our Baileyi are 6 to 8 inches in height and 1/2 inch wide at their base. We will ship budding or blooming specimens when available but they are very limited. Springtime flower spikes have pink bracts and purple flowers. Tiny starry lime flowers in early Spring. bright, half shadow. Tillandsia balbisiana - (ball-biss-ee-AH-na): Family: Bromeliad Sub-Family: Tillandsioideae: Genus: Tillandsia Sub-Genus: Tillandsia Native distribution: Tillandsia balbisiana is a myrmecophytic (mir-meh-coe-FIH-tick - a plant that lives in a mutualistic association with a colony of ant. In stock (3) Add to basket New Tillandsia usneoides. This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Tillandsia (family Bromeliaceae).. This airplant clumps far more readily than Tillandsia Pseudobaileyi.. S.E. The trichomes are dense which gives it a greyish green color. Ian Hook 08/08. 1 Reviews. Tillandsia baileyi var Hayley’s Comet Mounted Air Plant is a cultivar of baileyi that makes a beautiful specimen plant as it is a vigorous grower. Regular price $29.70 Sale price from $14.85 Save $14.85 Sold Out Large Capitata Peach Air Plants / 5-7 Inch Plants. As the saying goes, "Everything's bigger in Texas" these plants get quite tall and form clumps quickly. Not to be confused with Pseudobaileyi, this air plant is special in the sense that it's the only Tillandsia naturally found in Texas! 24-26 °C, 75.2 - 78.8 - F. Light. dark violet. Tillandsia baileyi Rose ex Small – reflexed airplant Subordinate Taxa. This plant is green colored and solidly formed. Our plants are grown outside with the orchids, but these plants are suitable for indoor culture. Tillandsia baileyi. Bloom: Simple pink inflorescence with purple flowers. Delivered fast and safely Australia wide. It’s leaves are a dark greenish-silver and twists and twirls naturally. In time we will be adding more details including a description, growing information, advice and photographs. Misting is great, but the occasional saturation works well. This airplants interesting, almost abstract shape makes it well suited to modern arrangements. Tillandsia baileyi. They are greyish green, but turn pale pink when it will bloom. Category: Tillandsias (Air Plants) Description Description. This species requires regular watering. Before, during or after blooming (depending on the species) your plant will start producing offsets (Pups), most plants will produce between 2 - 8 pups. Albertiana Tillandsia. Light: Indirect to strong indirect light. Add to cart. : This is a thirsty fella so monthly soaks for up to 4 hours are a good idea to rehydrate This is one of only a few Tillandsia … Even more fun, is that they come in a ton of different sizes and shapes, from tiny delicate cones to huge thick tentacles. Giant ball moss. Its gray-green to silver leaves are slender and twisting. Information. Sold out. Interpreting Wetland Status. Family Bromeliaceae . George Niewenhoven 12/14 : Geoff Beech 02/19 as 'schidieana v. Major'. The item you've selected wasn't added to your cart. Ideal for: Outdoors. Regular price $20.00. Tillandsia baileyi comes from Texas and northern Mexico. Tillandsia Baileyi has upwardly curved, contorted leaves. It is a very drought tolerant Tillandsia that requires little care. Silver grey green leaves that are stiff and long. Its leaves are thick and grow curved from the base of the rosette. "?? tillandsia. Tillandsias. Find the Tillandsia Baileyi 'Halley's Comet' - Air Plant on PlantsDirect. Tillandsia Baileyi is an exclusive kind of Tillandsia in the ephiphyte family. Araujei - Airplant São Paulo Tillandsia. 14-16 °C, 57.2 - 60.8 - F. Ideal temperature. Purple staymen with a yellow style . Genus Tillandsia are evergreen perennials, often epiphytic, forming rosettes of leathery, linear or strap-shaped leaves, and tubular or funnel-shaped flowers which may be 2-ranked in spikes with conspicuous bracts, or … by Pick a Plant. €5.50. Bromeliaceae. Each plant will flower once in its lifetime, remember that each pup is a plant and it will bloom. This air plant bloom from the composed (consisting of a few ears each bearing 4 to 6 flowers) or more rarely simple (unlike Tillandsia baileyi, in which the inflorescence is almost always simple) inflorescence. €2.90. View more premium air plants on our Large Plants page. Quantity. Tillandsia baileyi Sale! At present our information about this plant is limited to a list of the nurseries that supply it. Half the fun is watching and waiting for your new friends to display their colors. Smaller plant made up of a few long wavy leaves, produces a pink flower spike with purple blooms. Pozimi, v sobnih razmerah, naj bi bila dnevna temperatura okrog 18-20 st.C., Serving your plants since 2000! Over 81,000 plants and where to buy them Related Links. In stock (5) Add to basket New Tillandsia juncea $ 5.00. SALE - Large Tillandsia Baileyi / 6-9 Inch Plants - Set of 5 or 10 Air Plants - 50% Off. The main image is a blooming plant. from $6.50 Tillandsia 'Sparkler' Air Plants. Tillandsia. Tillandsia baileyi, commonly known as the reflexed airplant. Albida Tillandsia. Tillandsia (Air Plants) Fun and Easy to Grow About Tillandsia Tillandsia is the largest genus in the bromeliad family, accounting for approximately 550 of the over 2,500 species of bromeliads. They like bright light, but not direct, hot sun and regular watering. 10 in stock. Soil. Tillandsia pseudobaileyi are easily cared for in just about any environment. Light: Bright light. Add to Watchlist Unwatch. Tillandsia bermejoensis $ 8.00. 25 Nov. Air plants just about the coolest and most versatile indoor plants you can adopt. Climate. Tillandsia Plant Care Instructions. Tillandsia baileyi in Texas (by C. Fischer) reflexed airplant This plant has leaves about eight to twelve inches long and can form a large clump of dozens of rosettes. Tillandsia bulbosa is one of the more common air plants and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it. We Accept: Sign up for Our Newsletter. Texas, Mexico. Food. Other common names bulbous air plant . It is a hybrid of the regular pseudo-bulb T.baileyi. Source Large Mammals Small Mammals Water Birds Terrestrial Birds; Cover. Wetland Status. Home > Tillandsias > Tillandsia > baileyi. About. Tillandsia Baileyi 'Halley's Comet' are nature's true wonders, able to take all water and food through their leaves. Airplants . The nitrates and other nutrients make the perfect plant food, so just soak your Tillandsia bulbosa in “fish water” instead of tap water to keep it growing well. Tillandsia Funckiana has a very interesting growth habit with wild, needle-like leaves, and the leaves around the tip of the growth part slightly to let out a really spectacular red flower. You will also notice that Baileyi have softer leaves and a lighter coloration tha Description; T. baileyi has a small bulbous base and narrow long leaves. the species in native to Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, the West Indies, and Florida Reviews about this Tillandsia Baileyi Air Plant (0 reviews) There is no review for this item, add the first one. They are native to the warmer climates of the Americas. Tillandsia baileyi is a medium sized, 25 to 35 cm, epiphytic or saxicolous species with few, long, flexible leaves that are relatively thin at the level of the limb which is marked with longitudinal lines. Tillandsia bulbosa by faroutflora. Flowers appear once this plant … Common name. The bracts of the flowering stem resemble small leaves. Produces blue flower from pink floral bract. Ken Woods 12/05. Plant catalogue; Packages; Register now! don't need soil. The Plant List. Sign in to check out Check out as a guest . Slovene. The record derives from WCSP (data supplied on 2012-03-23) which reports it as an accepted name (record 268601) with original publication details: Fl. We will send you budding or blooming tillandsias if they are available but they are limited. Flower color. This plant has no children Legal Status. This plant is listed in the RHS Plant Finder book. Buying Tillandsia bulbosa. Some of our air plant photos are of blooming plants. 2 Reviews. Tillandsia of the moment ... Plant from the USA and central America, measuring 20 to 40 cm high, endowed with a bulb from where appear a tortuous and dense foliage. Tillandsia bandensis. The sword-like flower stalk produces large pink flowers. New Tillandsia baileyi 'Haley's Comet' $ 5.00. Air Plant Tillandsia baileyi. Origin. $5 bunch. Home. Tillandsia Baileyi “Halley’s Comet” is a species of air plant that has been cultivated. Tél. See our Air Plant Grab Page for air plant variety packs. RHS Plant Finder 2020. Quick View. Water: Spray or dunk twice a week, allow to dry within 6-8 hours. €3.70. The flowers of Tillandsia Albertiana are rather large in comparison to the size of the plant. Tillandsia Victoriana $ 10.00. Cultivation: - Prevent them from direct sun in summer, especially during warm hours. Tillandsia argentea is a small air plant that does not exceed 11 cm in diameter. $ 5.00.

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