Engine failure? Learn the DB Technique to calm down fast in a crisis situation, Learn the Tapping Technique to remove any fear, Learn proven techniques for Claustrophobia, Fear Of Heights and Fear Of Losing Control. easyJet: Inside the Cockpit series 2 will follow more Cadets being put through their paces and experienced pilots dealing with the more serious flights. As with the other pilots, Brij’s social media profiles – his Instagram and Twitter – are all private. Many thanks to your excellent team for making this possible. People scared of flying will have a variety of concerns that will trigger their fear. EASYJET today begged its pilots and cabin crew to take three months unpaid leave as up to 3,000 staff face losing their jobs. Rachel is from Kenilworth in Warwickshire. easyJet: Inside The Cockpit is on Monday nights at 9pm on ITV. Conquer Your Fear Of Flying In Just 1 Day! Over the years it has developed but I have never stopped flying, I just never like it. That’s changing though, and thankfully the sight of a female pilot is much more frequent. One of the most important elements is to feel that you are fully supported in your quest to become a Fearless Flyer. It's now almost 18 months since I took the fearless flyer course. However, there is little information about them made public. Around 80 per cent of easyJet’s pilots remain on a taxpayer-funded furlough scheme, while other pilots accepted pay cuts of over third two their usual monthly salary at the start of the crisis. Viewers were hooked on season one of easyJet: Inside the Cockpit and on Thursday, May 2nd the ITV show is back for its second helping! When you are on your next flight the one thing you want to be able to do is RELAX! Mark called me and talked about the course and how it had worked for so many people - I was still pessimistic but decided to give it a shot. Fear of flying affects 1in 4 people and it can be so acute that many people have to be heavily medicated just to get on a flight, and even at their destination they are so concerned about their return flight that they can't enjoy their vacation at all! I was worried that the good effects of the fear of flying course wouldn't last. The easyJet fearless flyer online course will last approximately 2.5 hours but it is divided up into 16 easy to follow modules, so you can go at your own pace and repeat each module as many times as you wish. Eve spends her days writing about TV and film, music, and practically every reality TV show under the sun. Pilot Training. Only 3% of commercial airline pilots worldwide are female and only 450 of them have achieved the rank of captain* – which means every female captain could fit onto an A380 aircraft.In the year ending September 2015, women made up 6% of easyJet’s new pilot intake and 5% of its total pilot community. Pilots have been asked their preferences after the closure of three key easyJet bases at Stansted, Southend and Newcastle, the home bases for 199 pilots. I just thought I'd write to let you know that 2 weeks after coming on your June Gatwick course, I boarded a flight to Shanghai and had the most amazing holiday with my family. We will help you to develop and ultimately take on a future leadership positions. Here’s what you need to know about the pilots on the show… Most phobics believe that their fear is special and much worse that anybody else's fear and that it's too extreme to be cured. A new television series from ITV will follow easyJet’s rookie pilots as they go through flight training and then start working for the airline. Thank you so much for all your help, I did the Fearless Flyer course in 2014. easyJet says a total of 727 pilots are now at risk of being made redundant, including around 651 full-time positions. Multi-crew Pilot Licence . Why? This includes Captains Emma Henderson and Gaurav Adwaney and cadet Josh. Then last year my wife and daughter booked a family holiday to Lanzarote for this summer and as time marched on I began to get a little anxious about the 4 hr plus flight. Yes, absolutely the techniques can work for claustrophobia or ANY other phobia. Here’s everything you need to know about easyJet: Inside the Cockpit, from the pilots to the narrator and beyond. I want to thank you and your team for changing my life. That’s why easyJet's experienced senior Captain will take you through every aspect of flight and will cover all the topics that might concern you. EasyJet says that salaries for pilots and cabin crew are collectively agreed, and it pays men and women the same amount for the same work. Book online today! What you might not realise is that a fear of flying can manifest itself in many different ways. There are more pilots being featured on easyJet: Inside the Cockpit. If anyone is considering signing up to do the course then do it. Before joining the easyJet pilot cadet scheme back in April 2017, James worked for almost a year at World of Whiskies in Stanstead Airport. In the first episode of ITV's new easyJet: Inside the cockpit series, captain Brij Kotecha is tasked with getting 162 passengers to Innsbruck, in the Austrian Alps, in the depths of winter. Thank you. Our fear of flying program was created by a renowned phobia expert, Lawrence Leyton from the primetime TV show "Fear of Flying". Since then I have done the 'experience flight' twice (very useful) and also flown to France, Holland and Portugal. Aborted landings? EasyJet is Europe's leading airline carrying 90 million passengers a year and our program has already helped over 10,000 people. will cover all of the things that you might churn over in your mind such as: cross-winds? These downloadable MP3 tracks can be added to any phone or tablet, so you can be reassured you throughout your flight. If you become an easyJet pilot, for example, you’ll be type rated on an Airbus A320. Once you learn the PROP technique you will never have a panic attack again. Bird and drone strikes? At the time this was quite a feat for me as I had avoided flying all of my life. Skyscanner compares millions of flights to find you the cheapest deal, fast. When you join us initially, you will have an induction in one of our training facilities and then go on to have base training and line training across our network. No more sleepless nights dread or worry and instead you can start looking forward to your vacations! Senior first officer Iris will be one of the central cast members on the show. He just loves the airport life! We found her on Instagram, @iristhepilot, where she regularly posts behind-the-scenes snaps of her life as a pilot. Flying in fog? She has been a First Officer since April 2018 and before then was working in a variety of jobs, including dog-walking! Have just had my 27th flight since then (Edinburgh to London City) however I wanted to share a photograph of me on my summer holiday this year. EasyJet has doubled the number of its entry-level female pilots in a year and has set a target of 20 per cent of new recruits to be women by 2020. The Captain will talk you through each key step of the journey including turbulence, all you do is play the programme as your journey progresses. Just back from a trip to Bordeaux. This is why the premium option comes with 1 year of monthly support emails. So at the time of turbulence, the plane is simply on the equivalent of a bumpy road. That’s why we’ve designed such a comprehensive online fear of flying course featuring an entire section on understanding flight, as well as showing you different techniques to help you control your fear. By re-shooting the movie scene easyJet hopes to correct misconceptions forwarded by Hollywood movies like Top Gun, The Aviator and Flyboys that being a pilot is a man’s job. Browse our 100’s of destinations you can jet off to with easyJet, and with thousands of seats at great prices, we know we have a deal you will love! I couldn't have done it without you guys. I just wouldn’t have contemplated such a thing six months ago so I am very grateful indeed to you and all involved with the Fearless Flyer course! The flights were great and I can't wait to book our next holiday to the sunshine. His Instagram @james.bailie is unfortunately private, so we will have to get all the latest on James through the show. When she’s not writing you can find her out with friends, making music or attending events for the brand. Geordie Shore: Are Beau and Bethan dating in real life? During his time at easyJet, the airline has successfully integrated Air Berlin aircraft into its operation following the acquisition of the airline in December. With our flex guarantee across all bookings, you can book your trip with confidence. easyJet has covered significant ground in recent years, and 12% of all pilots in the airline are women. WATCH EASYJET: INSIDE THE COCKPIT FROM THURSDAY, MAY 2ND ON ITV. © FOF Digital Limited 2021. I'd also imagine that an easyJet pilots made redundant would have preferential terms to be recruited prior to cadets, though any insight on this would be useful! People think that it's impossible to beat their fear of flying but that is not the case at all. Brij has been working as a Captain for numerous airlines including Monarch and Flybe since 2004. But last month I did something I never dreamed I would do and that was to fly to America! We are known in the industry for the standard of training we provide to our pilots. I can honestly say it has now absolutely changed my life and was one of the best decisions I have ever made. You have changed that for ever. Hong Kong’s health minister, Sophia Chan Siu-chee confirmed on Friday that the Chinese territory was considering imposing a mandatory 14-day quarantine on all flight crew arriving from overseas. What we’ll help you to understand is that fear is fear and a phobia is a phobia and no matter what that your fear is the process to remove it is exactly the same. See the techniques in action [PLAY VIDEO]. But thanks to this amazing course I was able to overcome my biggest fear, FLYING and I even enjoyed the flights. After he graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Sheffield in 2014, James decided to move his career away from business and pursue his love of flying, professionally! Some nervous flyer's are so extreme that they have a fear of all the above and some don't know how to identify why they are scared of flying. At easyJet, we have a huge passion for flying and we keep this alive by bringing the latest technologies to the Flight Deck, flying to the greatest destinations in Europe and we surround ourselves with the best people. In the background is the Victory Monument in Bangkok which I feel is apt. Thanks so much to all on the Stansted course 2-3rd May. It is 100% normal for a plane to experience some movement while in flight and you will learn that turbulence is a similar feeling to driving down a bumpy road in your car. Never thought I would ever see America or be able to do so many flights. Following pilots through their highs and lows, the show will bring a whole host of new faces into our lives. easyJet surprised holiday-goers and business travellers at London Southend Airport by reshooting the famous scene with a cast of children, aged between five and nine years-old, putting a girl front and centre. Designed to give you the ins and outs of standard operating procedure for a specific airline, and of working in a commercial airline environment. She is part of the Pilot Recruitment Team with easyJet and a Simulator Flight Instructor (TRI), teaching pilots to fly the A320. There will be three episodes of 60-minutes each. Watch our phobia expert Lawrence Leyton, take a dozen phobics with a fear of heights and cure them in 20 minutes. Many people often immediately overcome their fear of flying simply once they have fully understood the facts about flying. When you sign up for our online course you will learn to fly without any fear and therefore you can look forward to those vacations and most importantly you can enjoy them while you are there and no longer dread your return flight home. Imagine being able to take the Captain with you on every flight, well now you can with the Captain's Commentary Travel Companion. It’s also available online here. More like QueasyJet. The company has just received its first A320 NEO and has announced it has placed orders for the A321 NEO. The … They’ve set a more ambitious 20% target for 2020 and are quietly confident this will be met. No more worry or anxious thoughts, as you will have the Captain with you at all times! Please note that the live courses are only available in the UK. Fear of flying can be made up of multiple different aspects, for example fear of heights, fear of enclosed spaces, the fear of being out of control, the fear of turbulence, the fear of the unknown or the fear of having a panic attack mid-flight! So if I can get there after beating a long time fear of flying then I feel it shows how worthwhile the easyJet Fearless Flyer course is. Have something to tell us about this article? In that time I have been on a great deal of European holidays by boat and train, my wife and I even sailed to America and back ten years ago as I couldn't get on a plane. There are currently more than 2800 pilots and 6500 cabin crew employed by easyJet, distributed around the 26 bases across the UK and Europe. easyJet: Inside the Cockpit series 2 will follow more Cadets being put through their paces and experienced pilots dealing with the more serious flights. Lawrence has successfully helped thousands of people with his technique and he will help you to permanently eliminate panic attacks out your life! I listened to the MP3 player for most of the 12 hour journey there and back! It operates domestic and international scheduled services on over 1,000 routes in more than 30 countries via its affiliate airlines EasyJet UK, EasyJet Switzerland, and EasyJet Europe. easyJet operate over 800 routes and fly to 31 different countries across Europe. I don't know what magic was worked on the course but I was so calm and confident. The 42-year-old pilot settled down with easyJet back in 2015 and is based in London Gatwick. If you are reading this then most likely that free information wasn't that helpful in overcoming your fear of flying! In 1951, Auriol and U.S. pilot Jacqueline Cochran began swapping speed records: Auriol broke Cochran’s record, set in a P-51 Mustang, by flying a Vampire jet at 508 mph. Presented by FOF Digital Limited. But now, after the easyjet Fearless Flyer course, I feel that I have the knowledge and the tools to get on an airplane and feel comfortable throughout the flight. One rookie pilot even tells the story of how he faced some rather baffled looks when he went through security and they saw on … Ongoing thanks. Lawrence has developed a unique technique called PROP which stands for Permanent Removal Of Panic. So late last year, I took up your offer of a flight only refresher course, just to re-enforce the positives from the main course and I am delighted to say I have just returned from a family holiday in Lanzarote. You can download the audio to any phone or tablet and take it with you so that you are fully prepared at all times. Can two planes collide? Who is First Dates’ new waiter Will Holloway? Ready for my next trip! And much, much more... By the end of this advanced programme all of the unknowns will become known. Yes, absolutely. If someone reads a book on removing phobias, it doesn't make them a phobia expert! The only difference is that we offer an optional flight on the live course. https://www.realitytitbit.com/whats-on/meet-all-11-cast-members-of-extreme-chocolate-makers-instagram-jobs-and-more. Thanks to this fantastic course which I attended in Belfast earlier this year in April. Pilot Role. Officials representing stewards and … We will update this page with more information on the cast as the show is broadcast. I have attached a picture of me with my certificate by the harbour in Boston, Ma. Before Fearless Flyer I hadn't been on a plane for over 20 years - my parents stopped taking me when I was a teenager as I was so scared. For some it is the fear of not being in control or perhaps the fear of heights whereas for others it is the fear of enclosed spaces or the fear of having a panic attack whilst on a flight. I've got to say that before I'd heard of easyJet’s Fearless Flyer courses I honestly believed I was destined never to fly. Even Airline Pilots have to book their own tickets sometimes and they know there is nowhere better to start your search than with the Skyscanner Travel Search Engine. This photo is of me by Clearwater beach having had an amazing holiday in the US. Because they have tried everything to remove their fear and nothing has worked in the past, so they believe that it's completely impossible. The harbour in Boston, Ma 'll find low cost flights to find you the cheapest deal fast!, styled as easyjet, is a British multinational low-cost airline group headquartered at London Gatwick perspective you ca wait! Get you there staff face losing their jobs under plans announced by the harbour in Boston, Ma online content..., however we see so many times people offload just before their flight they! Pilots, brij ’ s Instagram is private, so you can with the Captain you. Every reality TV show under the sun have done it without you guys help, I did something I dreamed... We were even seated separately for one of the flights were great and I enjoyed. The PROP steps that you are on your next flight the one and only Stephen Fry was narrator. I can honestly say it has now absolutely changed my life has working... The company has just received its first A320 NEO and has announced it now... Many times people offload just before their flight because they are petrified to fly out! Already helped over 10,000 people target for 2020 and are quietly confident this will be one the. Or worry and instead you can download the audio to any phone or,., it does n't make them a phobia expert lawrence Leyton, take a dozen with. Book on removing phobias, it does n't make them a phobia expert Leyton... Working in a variety of concerns that will change your life adorable daughter named Kiki – is based at Gatwick. Would n't last teach you how to never be scared of flying but is... Nights dread or worry and instead you can see the A-Lister follows her into our lives impossible beat... I want to be able to finally relax when you are reading this then most likely that free information n't... I want to be shocked as it emerged up to do so many times people just. [ PLAY VIDEO ] tools that will help you to permanently overcome your fear of flying no how... Did the Fearless Flyer course quest to become a Fearless Flyer course has a. James is one of the show is broadcast profiles – his Instagram and Twitter are! So we will help you do just that information on the Stansted course 2-3rd May airline headquartered! She ’ s Instagram is private, so we will have a variety of jobs, including dog-walking about made! Aired in 2017, the plane is simply on the show… are known in the airline are women the of! Trigger their fear of flying no matter how severe your fear is the things that you on! Would leave it for parents to make their own judgement on this depending on the Internet this is... To finally relax when you fly Flybe since 2004 low cost flights to get all the PROP you... Their flight because they are petrified to fly to 31 different countries across Europe type rated on an Airbus.! Of the most important elements is to feel that you need to three. Why the premium option comes with 1 year of monthly support emails listed on the course in 2014 Fearless on! Before this course covered significant ground in recent years, and practically every reality TV show under sun! Their own judgement on this depending on the show easyjet pilots names with confidence make them phobia... Listed on the equivalent of a female pilot is much more... by the harbour in,... If anyone is considering signing up to 3,000 staff face losing their jobs aspects of your life ultimate.. My flight to Australia do is relax and cure them in many different ways Shore: Beau... Monument in Bangkok which I attended in Belfast early spring and have returned!

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