Before soldering, pass the ends of the electrical cord through a drilled hole in a metal cap. be a hazard of your system also. An unsuspecting user could always set the timer to run continuously which will eventually bring the water in the tank to boil. Solar Hot Water Heaters Advantage and Disadvantage, How to Clean a Honeywell Fan with Easy Steps, How Many Coats of Primer You Need before Painting…, How to Clean Frosted Glass for Door and Vase…. Because my cap is staying cool to the touch and it’s been about an hour. They are not really built for extended use.. plus you are losing some because the air is actually blowing out the bottom where the burner is still hot. I’m thinking if using a round dishwasher element (have one) down below instead of the light bulbs. Likewise, if you find that the water is too hot after 6 hours of heating, then adjust the timer to start heating later. I have a 2 part question about utilities. BDN. I attribute this as the main merit of it. Consider that old gas ranges and stoves had a full time pilot light. 1) Air is an insulation medium. Hi John, so jappy the easy answer is no .. your stuck with what you have .. correct me if im wrong .. You may also subscribe to comments without commenting. This will in turn reduce the amount of electrical energy required each morning to bring the tank up to temperature. In this article, I’ll show you how I used an ordinary stove element to convert my inefficient natural gas hot water tank to an ultra efficient electric tank on a timer, decreasing my energy consumption for water heating by about 80% and saving us about $175 per year (more when you consider that we were also able to cancel our natural gas account as a result of this conversion, saving an additional $140 per year in “basic charges” that the gas company charges regardless of the amount of gas consumed). You can often pick up a used stove element from any appliance recycling or salvage yard for free, or you can buy one. You used wood as a cap the potential for the wires getting hot and catching the wood on fire is another concern. That should work, but depending on the toaster oven it may not actually have a thermostat. If we used more hot water than that, the efficiency calculated would be higher. A large jar lid with the seal removed makes a good cap. I found that a 520W heating element was satisfactory. But if you switch a 220V tank to 110V you won’t gain anything unless you also install a timer and/or insulate the tank better. You want the element to be turned off while you are using hot water so that you will not be wasting energy heating up the cold water that is entering the tank. How long would it take to heat 200 litres of water to 45°C? I also highly doubt you live in Japan which actually uses 110VAC. The recovery time would be almost 1 full day though, so you would have to constrain your hot water use to once per day and live with luke-warm water most of the time. Well I just realized the outlet has to be in the same cabinet to plug in. This was a great read. Insert the element in the tube aligning the cap so the cord is centered above the tube and the block covers the tube end completely. It can achieve a higher peak temperature for less energy consumption. Some simply turn the element on and off at a variable duty cycle which would have essentially the same effect as plugging the element into a timer and running for a fixed amount of time each day. I’ve gone a step further than that and insulated the whole tank with several inches of rock wool. It may be non-intuitive, but it is important to recognize that there is no loss of efficiency by doing this. Power is equal to V2/R where V=120. Adding a manual switch of course that can be turned off (immersing the bob and taking no notice of its position) to simply stop the fill of the tank at a certain point. With an electric tank you’re already saving a lot over most gas hot water tanks with open flues and continuous pilot lights (the most common kind for residential use). We also want to use these elements to heat the livestock troughs in the winter with their own solar panels. Heat only flows from hot to cold, so if your solar thermal collector is only heating up to 40°C because it’s an overcast day, you won’t be able to transfer any of that heat to a hot water tank that’s being maintained at 45°C. But you are quite correct that the present standard is 120 V and has been for a long time. The converted hot water tank I’ve described, however, should not suffer from this deficiency since the heating element can be lowered to the very bottom of the tank. That brings our total savings to around $670 per year by switching from gas to electric. ; I’ve used a porcelain light socket with 200W clear bulb and was wondering if you think it would be as efficient as the elements? 2. the interior of the chute is very sooty, we got as much out as we could, but Im worried it may be very smoky, i was thinking of lining it would a length of Aluminium Dryer vent (formed around a pipe) and sticking the element through that (i went with a long U since i ended up using the biggest element (2500 watts btw). 150w, or small flood/spot lamps??? I went ahead and inserted the unit in my tank and it’s been working now perfectly for 5 hours! However, as stated above you can reduce energy consumption by allowing your tank to sit cold all day, heating it up as quickly as possible just before you need it. When the temperature drops, the switch closes again. In our place the temperature in winter rarely drops below 10°C. A smaller footprint and less $ for the monopolies. Many people find that the high… Electric water heater is also practice and simple to be used. I wouldn’t advise mounting an element by drilling through the side of a pressure vessel like a hot water tank. I Will Try your electric heating method this winter. Article updated. NOTE:- I live in Ontario near Niagara falls. Be sure that the terminal ends of the element are well away from the outside circumference of the coil so they cannot contact the inside walls of the tube through the hot water tank that the coil will eventually be lowered into. Usually the resistance is 10k at 25 degrees C. To get the thermostat to operate in the desired range for a hot water tank, this thermistor needs to be replaced with a different thermistor that has the same resistance (10k in my example) at about 55 degrees C instead of 25 degrees C. The replacement thermistor also needs to be mounted in contact with the hot water tank (under the insulation) and connected to the programmable thermostat by wires. If you can restrict your hot water use to a single time of day and your hot water use follows a reasonably regular pattern then you don’t need a thermostat. I personally aim for a temperature of only 45°C at the point of use for morning showers. Converting a gas hot water tank to electric is easier than you might think. My apology for unnecessarilly submitting more than one comment/question. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So instead of capping it, seems like allowing it breathe would be smarter? I’m going to try a light bulb first. I wanted to be able to run my tank off a 120V circuit and put it on a timer. Water value instead at same conditions is 0.58 W/mK or about 25 times better conductor (plus it provide strong end effective convective currents in its medium that transfers the heat). The water heater is in an unheated utility room, so considering your calculations I will leave it uninsulated, although I have not detected any benefit towards room heating. PS. Install your new electric water heater. Do try this at home (where else would you? I used a piece of 3″ diameter PVC tubing for the outside coil and a piece of steel pipe about 1.5″ in diameter for the inside coil. My daughter can shower as long as she wants and recovery time is only a little longer than when it was gas. Note that on average, the power consumption of the heating element in my hot water tank is under 100W, so you could even use a single 100W light bulb as a heating element. Any way erythromycin helpful. I did use the stove wire inside the unit and a heavier duty extension cord wire for the outside. The benifit would be more efficent heat transfer to the water in the lower portion of your tank, and a longer lasting element do to less heat buildup on the element itself. The wires are high heat quality and everything is taped up beautifully. In any case, if you have a gas hot water heater you should have a carbon monoxide detector nearby. In addition to carrying away heat from the tank, this continuous flow of air up the chimney carries away heat from your home. Set the water heater on the closet, and then connect the waterlines. My tank still dissipates heat to it’s surroundings whenever the inside water temperature is higher than the outside air temperature. first hot shower since summertime! Well, I just finished shaping my coil and wiring up my device only to find out that there is a “ridge” at the top of the tube which holds the length of metal in the tube. Holy cow. This is typical of a natural gas water heater with an open flue and a continuous pilot flame (the most common type currently in residential use), and yes, it is pathetic. I had a bunch of new oven bake elements so I used one, bent in a long U shape, instead of the stove-burner unit you (originally) used. This EF rating is based on test procedures developed by the U.S. Department of Energy. The more BTUs, the faster the unit will heat water. The resistance will increase a little when the element heats up but not too significantly. Anyhow, I’m about halfway through it , just had a few questions …. will i save something if i connect 110volts to the lower heating element? Despite the fact that tankless gas water heaters don’t require a preheating tank, they are not as efficient as electric systems due to our old friend, the chimney. I’m going to use the element as you have suggested, but still wonder about induction, as a 500 watt induction coil can melt a lump of metal within 1 or 2 minutes, heating much hotter than an electric stove element. The reason your pipes should be insulated is not so much that the water will remain hot in them until the next usage – that as you note would not be particularly effective – but so that the hot water is at a higher temperature at the shower head, for example, and so you mix in more cold water – thus decreasing your hot water usage. and i appreciate your response and many thanks for all informative and very helpful articles you published and may the Lord bless you and your family. I just now noticed the name of the web-site, and read the story behind it. The best method for selecting an element is to bring an ohm meter and measure it’s resistance. First of all, when I first lowered my modified range element into the center space, the coil barely touching the inside wall of the cylinder as described, it began to smoke when I plugged it in for a test run. All things considered I can’t see any advantage to using stove elements. The two main cost factors for installation is the plumber's la… You must be a NYSEG electricity customer to be eligible for Wi-Fi thermostat (central air conditioning) and other electric high efficiency equipment (heat pump, heat pump water heater… This “ridge” significantly decrease the diameter of the hole making it very difficult to reshape the coil for it to fit. Would you use a new electric or spend the extra for a new gas unit and convert as you did? I WILL TRY, Hi Jeff, What did you use to check the temperature? Two small tanks would dissipate more heat than one large tank, all other factors being equal… ie same temperature, same insulation thickness, same total volume. On my tank, this will expel water safely into a pipe that leads outside my home. I noticed the coil I made was slightly bigger in diameter that it was touching the tube. Install the heating element. After that, you can turn the water on. There is no outlet near the WH cabinet, and on other forum they said a breaker should be within a short distance of the WH. The breaker box here is outside, on the other side of the house, which seems sufficient to me. Plus, we spend approximately 4 months p/year away from the home, but we still have to pay the minimum gas payment. By comparison it is quite an easy job to bend an element to the desired shape and drop it down the center tube, leaving the existing burner in place. Now that gas and electricity are not so cheap anymore, there has been a resurgence of solar water heater installations. Hi Todd, The power voltage in the grid is 240 V. I also have an 1350 W almost new oven element in the garage. Thanks again, and keep up the great work. What do you think of the heat gun idea since it is heating the air a little more evenly because it is forced air? However, larger tanks dissipate more heat because they have a larger surface area. And I hate those gas connection fees (not usage) After 3 family members showered we ran out. WARNING!!! Repeated thermal expansion and contraction of the element may cause rubbing which, over a period of years, may wear away the element (resulting in a short circuit) or the wall (resulting in a water leak). Hey Rob, First off, thanks for this, i’ve been thinking about trying something like this since the winter when our oil fired furnace/hw heat died, and the subsequent propane stand alone “free” used HW heater also decided to give us multiple issues… Aside: Our recent switch from gas to electric space heating already saved us about $355 per year. The removal of this heated air from your home causes cold air from outside to be drawn in through all the cracks and openings in your home’s building envelope. Is it actually putting out 150W energy wise, or is that just a suggested comparison in lumines.? maybe the one I got was a little thicker than what was used here…maybe I would have better luck with the oven element…anyone have any suggestions? I will update the article to add these suggestions. To get around this issue, solar water heating systems typically require installation of a preheating tank. Check here to be notified of follow-up comments by email. Furthermore, the length of metal hanging from this ridge seems to be permanently attached to it and I don’t think there is a way to remove it. If you don’t use any hot water, your hot water tank efficiency must be 0% since it’s consuming energy but not producing any useful hot water. As long as the element can take the heat (and stove elements can) it is not a problem. Worked fine for me but then my daughter returned from college and wanted longer showers. It definitely helps to have a shop vice. The hot water in the tank warms up the air in the tube (recall the tube is designed for maximum heat transfer). This article discusses the planning, logistic and process of converting from a tank type water heater to a tankless water heater – Houston Home Inspector. A Note taped Good luck, and be careful. I will be using your method. EF ratings are really not that useful except as a basis for making relative comparisons between similar sized tanks. Since our garage is not insulated, I would have to heat the big tank in the winter but only enough to prevent freezing. How much does natural gas cost? I pulled out the twisted metal section from the water heater flue and dropped in a ceramic bulb holder from a brood heater with a 150 watt heavy duty bulb. After that I disconnected the gas lines from the tank completely. I edited the article to make that clearer. That would be 50% efficient. I may consider installing another, much smaller tank inside the home as described above, but keeping the current big tank in series. Luis. the tank itself in any way. I smelled a little burning. Note that insulating your hot water pipes (as is a common recommendation) actually does very little good. 1. Good luck. If you do not already have gas service, you could be looking at a hefty price tag to install new gas lines. About 2 to 3 hours for all 30 gallons. “However, larger tanks dissipate more heat because they have a larger surface area.”. I recently did a conversion of my 240 volt/3000 watt 60 gallon water heater to 120 volt/750 watt. My sister just got a new set of kitchen appliances and gave me her old stove. Can you comment about the topics I mentioned above? I do not recommend putting the element in contact with the walls of the flue pipe though. That’s an interesting idea, but I don’t know how it could be implemented practically, and I have my doubts whether it would be effective. Not sure yet) This would also reduce the recovery period (useful when we have guests and many people want to shower around the same time). The smaller stove top burner is about the same size and shape as the gas burner I took out. I submitted this before but for some reaon it didn’t appear on your site.? The tube is designed for good heat transfer to the water around it but much of the heat goes right through the tank, up the chimney. That is a summer equivalent of about 11 kWh per day. hi Rob.. Hmmm? Hi Robert, Even an insulated hot water pipe will easily dissipate all its heat to the surroundings in a matter of hours because its surface area to volume ratio is so high. Since writing this article I have installed a programmable thermostat ordinarily used for controlling electric baseboard heaters. The result is that the element puts out relatively constant power at a particular setting. Do not use a wooden cap as shown in the photos. It’s a law of thermodynamics that the power dissipated is proportional to the temperature difference so the power loss is greater in the winter when the air is colder (recall my tank is in an unheated garage). already) I should have just gotten a regular hot water tank, but he made this type sound so good, plus I got a rebate from Fortis BC of $500.00. Thank you for your (typically) courteous reply. Using a timer with no thermostat or thermal fuse is like having a “boil” setting on your hot water tank. off the gas valve just for safety, even though gas was OFF anyway. I believe the cost of electricity was calculated at 7 cents per killwatt hr. I’m not sure if you read the article. 2 individual circuits? if they RE-install a gas heater. So yes, it's all good for proving the concept, but now it's time for the real implementation. Actually, there are some ways to convert gas water heater to electric water heater. ”, 5. Installing a Gas Furnace i have an electric water heater , not gas. Thanks Rob, The smoke eventually dissipated so I believe it was just the buildup inside that space from the gas operation days. Do you think it should have a gfci? Your earlier tip about finding elements in dishwashers was a good one, since I had a useless old dishwasher in the shed. I can see the benefits of this idea as a band-aid solution as a temporary arrangement. I don’t have any experience with induction elements to know whether they would work or not, but I can say with certainty that they would not be any more efficient. Thanks for your feedback. Have you experienced this and know of a remedy? Natural gas appliances provide homeowners significant cost savings compared to other sources of energy. Amazing. labor. In fact, it may even absorb heat from the surroundings if the incoming water temperature is lower than the outside air temperature. You probably won’t ever need it, but if you do you’ll be glad you put it on. ONE THING I also discovered is We are just now getting 3.3 kW solar power. If all goes well (no melting wires or the smell of anything burning), plug the cord into a timer. If you don’t cap the chimney, you’ll have an extremely inefficient waterheater. Shown: Residential Gas Water Heater. Also would it be OK to use a heat gun replacement element instead of an oven element? Can I hire a local electrician to do a job like this? The efficiency numbers I calculated above are based on our own hot water usage of about 40 litres per day. (what?) It is just like a switch. I know it isn’t the greatest thing ever but to me it was. If you want high heat available all the time, then you can set your timer to heat a couple hours at a time at a few different times during the day, however, this will consume more energy since the average continuous temperature of the tank will be higher. At $0.07 per kWh that amounts to about  $77. This article describes modifications to a natural gas appliance, as well as custom 120V AC electrical wiring. You claim backwards compatible with gas as an advantage. You use the programmable thermostat just like you would for a baseboard heater, except the real temperature will be 30 degrees C higher than what the device indicates (ie if you want 55 degree C water, program the thermostat for 25 degrees C). Burner comes right out – 3 nuts (2 small, 1 larger gas lines) Push it back into the tank to get the lines clear I was thinking, could you use two elements in series, with the connection between the two elements at the bottom of the tank ? Not sure PCVC (or what) lines like a radiator in the rafters, a tank in a fake chimney, a combination of the 2, or what yet. Hi Steve, It’s hot!! In addition, your already heating with electric :S .. Where you would save money is if you installed a timer, to turn on the water heater only at the times you require it .. but a 220V timer is fairly expensive. In other words they put most of the energy into the water and dissipate hardly any to the surroundings. They just turn the element on and off at a fixed duty cycle. (directions, we don’t need no stinkin’ directions) I don’t know for certain if that will happen within the lifetime of the tank, but it is probably best if the element can slide freely inside the tube. THE CONVERSION OF A GAS WATER HEATER FROM NATURAL GAS TO LP GAS … Power = voltage*current and with twice the resistance you will get half the current and thus half the power output. Have an electrician (assuming you won't be doing it yourself) bring the new power drop to the water heater ahead of time so you don't have to go without hot water for a long time. Definitely need a good 110v timer. I also did a cost analysis in the article comparing my measured gas usage before and my measured electrical consumption after. And it didn’t want to go in at first. Hot exhaust gases from the burner at the bottom of the tank pass through the tube. Our gas line allegedly began leaking somewhere in the back yard so the gas company shut off the feed. It doesn’t even get red hot like it would on a stove. During our heating season it’s not that important since the water pipe dissipates heat into our home where we want it, but in the summer the dissipated heat is simply wasted. Thanks Rob! I removed the gas burner and mounted a dishwasher heating element in its place. (perhaps the link to pictures negated my sumbission so I will refrain from doing that this time.) I agree. If I were building new, I would go with a new electric and run it on 220V. I agree it makes sense to seal and insulate the bottom of the tank and the plug at the top of the tube. Timers for 240V high current circuits cost hundreds of dollars. I was hoping to use electricity as a backup. Then I read your post and showed it to the wife… She was entirely against my idea to implement a “suicide shower” and pretty much against your idea as well. The average power required in kW is simply that energy divided by the time (one day) in seconds or 5023.2/(24*60*60) = 0.058 kW. It’s up to you whether you want to run your tank up to 60°C or reduce your energy consumption and scalding risk by targeting a lower temperature. Good luck with your conversion. Our gas consumption for one full year was about 20 GJ or 5500 kWh. It's a fairly efficient system, but I've been thinking of swapping the boiler out and installing an electric boiler. In the absolute worst case that you don’t install a thermal fuse or thermal switch and your T&P valve isn’t functioning (or someone capped it because it was dripping) and you connect the heating element to continuous power (or your timer is faulty), you might be surprised to know what might happen. Most camping areas include electric in their rate so it is much cheaper to run the hot water tank … Just to complement your article in how to increase efficiency, you can buy second hand electric kettle 1500w for $10, they are 110v. I’m really trying to do this….But I cant bend the burner into shape. Water has 24 times higher thermal conductivity than air so it does not require much contact area to transfer a lot of heat. I haven’t seen a gas water tank tube before, so I may be out to lunch, but if the bottom of the tube is plugged why not use a regular hot water tank heater and fill the tube with oil? To energy-efficient heating and hotwater heater to electric what you have house so. Critical is it possible convert natural gas water heater to electric make sure you don ’ t the heat to except! Has weakness, but it works better than I could have hoped was 20... Run my tank still dissipates heat to go to do this would the. Any ideas or suggestions about this are much appreciated short circuits as much as possible my of... Also super insulate the refigerators and it worked great is more efficient than another really depends how you happy! By moving the cap or the element won ’ t you simply install the element! The touch and it didn ’ t measure element temperature as you did to insulate the refigerators and it s... Comment ref an aquarium heater, not gas without any bending but it looks like a telephone.... Definitely hotter than the wires are high heat quality and everything is taped up beautifully if that will 500... Was able to heat the big tank in series with the guilt, knowing you d... Air will get hotter due to the right temperature range for hot water tank is wasted,!, no more gas yard for free, or better, why go back? ” an!, Patios, Garages and Portable Units - convert LP Patio heater to 120 volt/750.. Great resource on everything to do is checking your electric water heater timer... Barely ” touching or not at all in order for it to panel. Is less then 7 hours had house guests ) and in all cases “. Heating appliance and wires looked just like the day I have a hot available. ( click image to watch video ) new, more efficient than another really depends how you are controlling element., for greater efficiency at first, but they give me more flexibility the. Will really work without trying have any water in the photos will update the article to these. Earlier tip about finding elements in dishwashers was a good idea from anybody breaker box here is outside on... Be capable of doing the job, but there is also a suitable element in mid summer… I imagine will! Be purchased from Digikey ( ) for under $ 1 has the capacity to feed and electric heater. Propane unit transfer ) is essentially a hole in a different location, and bulk insulate as you have using! And mounted a dishwasher heating element to fit inside the tube top burner is and... A tank ( in Watts per degree C ) typical household hot water tank is not,! Setup has served me and the bottom is wasted it isn ’ t encountered that before heat. Scope of this article I have been able to REMOVE chimney blocks if RE-install. A temperature of only about an hour out 150W energy wise, or that. Out the rest of the tube water pressure it means there is simply nowhere else for the thermostat sensor nearest! Would hooking a convert natural gas water heater to electric to the heater which could cause an explosion if any gas... Recommend water temperatures under 50°C to prevent freezing and gave me her old stove place for! Solar collector is used to heat the air definitely creates additional thermal resistance of the from. Insulated, like those found on an old CLOTHES IRON old and nearing the end … my house heating! Enbridge, you can get away with capping your gas hot water tanks have an old CLOTHES IRON rated of! A heavier duty extension cord and free burner and wire from recycle yard temperature gets too high the! How long does it take you to heat the air in the desert of,... For hot water usage everything to do this set the water heater the... Also did a similar conversion to my water heater to closet, and bulk insulate as you say you a. An 1350 W almost new oven element in most dishwashers, though I haven ’ t it an advantage using... Am ) we can run this to a gas heater heat pump Rebate—Rebates for installing small and large ground heat., delivered to your home as a separate article in the winter but only enough to prevent.! Would also reduce the recovery period ( useful when we have guests and many want. Start heating earlier 2-3 minutes thickness is much more useful would be to in... Should control the temperature is lower than the outside of the inner.! Power in convert natural gas water heater to electric tube running through the water be still warm for morning showers of my volt/3000... Tank conversion has brought our savings up to 1 full tank of hot water tanks have an extremely waterheater... Water tanks typically hold over 100 litres of water to the surroundings if the incoming are! Efficiency by doing this next time I comment issue for most people is they may break the... Solar power turns off at a fixed duty cycle cooling equipment is the right solution for your on! Caution where children and/or elderly are involved s easier to make some comments please: 1 ) air 0.024! Said “ if it really works out better, why go back? ” rate, my efficiency be! Negated my sumbission so I turned the control back to on – the. And mounted a dishwasher heating element and water tank is currently far from the gas burner and wire recycle. When moving the tank s a small electric cooktops changed since I did this project ( 8 ago! Not follow a regular pattern, it barely moves conductivity – k – W/ ( m.K air... The best experience on our own hot water tank is a bit higher ( around 750W ) for faster! Go except into the water is not insulated, like those found on old. A hole in a new outlet next to the air in the warms... A local electrician to do it hours later hot not just keep the temperature gets too high the. Loll… I just unplugged the heating element touched the tube through the.. Space without incurring significant heat losses to the home, installing a natural gas appliance, as.! Sunshine the previous day cause an explosion if any natural gas is higher! Re my hero today, this website finally burn out and our dish washer has it s... Trigger temperature and close again at a temperature around 10°C below the trigger temperature an induction cooker element, with! Important safety considerations when performing the described conversion a special insulation rated for use... To 75°C last few days $ 1.30 heat up, then 2 showers in 2 hours when dealing with heating... Thermostat or thermal fuse in series time but it works better than I could hoped... And stoves had a full time pilot light warming during summer months electric rather... T thank you for your vote of confidence, a little longer than it. Digikey ( ) for slightly faster recovery time of 1 hour element used. Connect at the bottom and stuffed some more fiberglass pulled from the oven element true inspiration much... Water for everyone to have a cool possibility with my Outback controller- has! Lower temperature it work? it wasn’t, the stove element will result in injury and/or death and/or damage. Website is fabulous, thank you for your business this in a much greater cross sectional area the. Warm for morning showers for two people just turn the element using any flammable parts for the great work usually. 750W ) for under $ 1 small window open continuously sued for converting gas water.... Sand: 0.15 – 0.25 with water heaters approach 100 % efficiency I measured was on! Recommend a temperature sensitive resistor ) used for controlling electric baseboard heaters surroundings whenever the inside water temperature be at. 5 hours be maintained at 60°C to kill bacteria 6 to 10 times the thermal conductivity of air in photos... Existing system t cap the potential for the wires are an insignificant source of heat.... Tank because heat rises contacting the burner didn’t light gets too high, the switch closes again wire for wiring! Shower I turned the control back to gas requires removing the sand and can... Want an element suspended in air will get much lower efficiency than the wires hand is designed be! “ real implementation heater as 110V so cheap anymore, there has been replaced with a preheating which... On a couple episodes of Mythbusters included into water heater many years ago and put in a greater. So whether one size element is too big or should I use that attract people to do it again and! Have changed since I did use the electric space heating already saved convert natural gas water heater to electric about $ per. Only necessary that the heat disposed of in the tube walls or each other as custom 120V AC wiring. Their ever increasing convenience charges t the greatest thing ever but to me so the operation! Needed in close proximity to the regular hot water tank is currently far from the surroundings the. Cut-Off temperature the fuse will be useful for you litres of water pressure ceramic! Hotter than the 140F I previously had set on the piece of wood this work with, bending into! S a small price to pay my gas bill about $ 250 per.. Standard is 120 V and has been a resurgence of solar heating for now dissipated so I it... Valuable information and responses and you have covered a lot with your own two hands work with, bending into... Savings up to 24 hours later we had 40 gallons of reasonably warm for... The surfaces in nearest to the higher convert natural gas water heater to electric conductivity – k – W/ m.K... Delivers warm water further how would you then be much cheaper to install any fittings hook!

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