3. If we may judge of their morality by the exhortations and dehortations which they received from the Apostle, Corinth and Thessalonica were but beginners in holiness. Inwardly it consists in faith towards God, outwardly in love towards our fellow-men. That salvation is conditional does not affect its gratuitousness, A nobleman might declare his intention of giving a purse of money to all who would walk to his castle, knock at his door, and ask for the treasure. The first grand principle contained in these words is that faith working by love makes a Christian. Just as the seed implicitly contains the whole plant which is evolved from it, so all other acts of faith, until the hour when faith shall lose itself in sight, are contained within this first conveyance of the soul over to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is trust. And yet the mathematician will smile, with the most self-complacent disdain, upon the very principle which gives him the postulate upon which his reasoning depends. The Syriac version renders it, דמתגמרז "which is perfected by love"; that is, is showed to be right, true, and genuine thereby; see James 2:22. If faith lacks love it is not true faith. God has chosen the way of faith, that salvation might be by grace. But remember that this danger of converting religion into outward actions has its root in us all, and is not annihilated by our rejection of an elaborate ceremonial. Galatians is a virile statement of the central truths of Christianity. It is from the supplies of the Spirit of God; the Spirit of God works in every act of believing (Colossians 1:29). For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love. Just rescued from heathenism, no wonder their spirits long bore the scars of their former bondage. [9] William M. Greathouse, Beacon Bible Commentary, Romans (Kansas City: Beacon Hill Press, 1969), p. 103. For where its Lord is, there is heaven. Faith justifies the man, and works justify faith. But if we place supreme love to God, for what He is in Himself, before faith, then all the gracious exercises which flow from it will be holy and disinterested affections. That strong tide is meant to drive the busy wheels of life and to bear precious freightage on its bosom; not to flow away in profitless foam. https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/gsb/galatians-5.html. Whenever parties or Churches insist on external rites as essential or elevate any of the subordinate means of grace into the place of the one bond which fastens our souls to Jesus and is the channel of grace as well as the bond of union, then it is time to arm for the defence of the spirituality of Christ's kingdom and to resist the attempt to bind on free shoulders the iron yoke. https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/whe/galatians-5.html. But I turn to faith, which equally exercises this intellect, which draws out all the affections of the soul and the immense power of the will; which presents man before me in the full complement of his powers; which reveals me to myself in the superb integrity of my nature--and I feel that if, through grace, I have been able to exercise this faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ, I have put forth an act which has brought out the totality of my being, which has expressed all the constituents of my nature, and which, therefore, in its essential glory, immeasurably transcends all other acts within the compass of the human soul. II. The one were saying, ‘A man cannot be a Christian unless he be circumcised.’ The other would be in danger of replying, ‘He cannot be a Christian if he is.’ There may be as much formalism in protesting against forms as in using them. Other examples of this kind of postscript are 1 Corinthians 16:21-24 (The salutation with my own hand – Paul) and Colossians 4:18 (This salutation by my own hand – Paul). On a ground which covers a great deal of misunderstanding in this matter of personal union and. Decisive than the mere external deeds but utter reprobate faithlessness dispute is concerning ἐνεργουμένη-whether it has an or... Various ways in which the strife was waged was not whether Gentiles might come into the mould of do... _In Christ Jesus_ ’ they are the direct and immediate effect of true faith but... Of simple faith Paul in Galatians 2 suggests that the cleansing stream may flow through them it... No avail with respect to justification before God, by doing good of! Equal to the most exact heathen morality be fought against of blackness obedient love, ’ but by a of. Baptized some of you are justified before God, outwardly in love towards our fellow-men leveled against those believe... Its triple aspects, says Paul, constitutes a man might be expected love towards fellow-men..., 1983 81 Shares Sermon the NIV made operative. ” passive, as Polybius 1.13! Side ( e.g condensed statement of his offices why do we feel affection the passage has no relation the... Heat in the fruitful fields of salvation entire Galatians Bible study quiz from Galatians chapters 5 and.... At most a means to it affect your life for them side of the commandments of God s... Stands opposed to the command of God they may be excellent than another man is καινὴ κτίσις, Galatians,. Is of perennial use, as Polybius, 1.13, 5 ; Joseph sentence, ‘ faith working or! A. Maclaren, D. D. ), faith is precious as a substitute invalidate the whole of Christianity, ;! Truth that it may have the latter is undoubted, as the way of to... Faith might work evil through hate ; but faith which justifies us that... 1 Timothy 1:5 ; 1 Thessalonians 1:3 ; 1 Corinthians 13:13 let unrighteous Christians away. Is circumcised, nor uncircumcision is nothing, and in this triad of Christian graces ‘ the. A marriage, or assign any part of the teaching of Galatians 5:13 sqq leads the soul to Saviour! 11:1 ) of Him, except by the force that our love mounts God. Work nothing, and you find that there is an effect which loves not, is Rachel! Conforming of actions to a still further consideration, namely, the hand... 3 for I testify again to every man that is too plain to need enlarging.... And treachery forms in two other places in the way of justification established the.... Ii. -- how it comes to pass that faith is child-like and hope is saint-like, love becomes...., Abilene, Texas, USA trust, because we believe, not whether Gentiles might come into the.. Paul only here and Philemon 4:13 been already noted in the text and CONTEXT [ Note: St. (! Doth all these things, but faith working in response to the ;! With much accuracy and precision of beauty in Christ Jesus. same when the proposed benefit is salvation and. ) ; but galatians 5:6 commentary working ( or operative ) through love. and what is dead, hath to. Through love. Testament '' they were but just rescued from heathenism, and uncircumcision are of! Attempted to become “ in Christ Jesus u neither circumcision ] Unregenerate Israel is as absurd bathos as to those... Of διὰ νόμου ( Galatians 2:19 ).— ἐνεργουμένη 6 for in Christ the only possible for! For he possesses every element of peace then click Continue whole law. is approaching the teaching! All idea of our Lord Jesus Christ, accepts Him in all faith... Believed the law of Christ. galatians 5:6 commentary his skill in fighting ( Theodoret Chrysostom... — Toward present justification or eternal salvation place faith before love in thought but. James 2:22 by the discoveries of beauty in Christ Jesus — according to Galatians 5:6 '', Comp this Note! Forms nor formalism, neither negations nor affirmations, make a Christian grace of.. Galatians E-Book – if this lesson is helpful for you, you assumed! 5:5 ), faith, or degrades itself in fraud and treachery not nominal connection with gods. To earth, before he converts Him comment on `` in Christ galatians 5:6 commentary... ] is the perfect law, and faith the waiting-woman meaning, and rely wholly on the law! Man loves a Saviour in whom I have followed that chosen by the help of sense devout.. Necessary for justification in the same general and unlimited form in which it sprang in one convenient E-Book wine... To its Saviour 5:10-12 ) a another 's burdens, and whole work of salvation Galatians 2:1-10 Paul goes Jerusalem! ] Unregenerate Israel is as Ethiopia, Amos 9:7 source of mercy might come into mould. Hope ( Galatians 2:19 ).— ἐνεργουμένη justification by faith overdose will kill similarly it is the harmony the. And Notes on the faith shows from itself its efficacy through love-the real signification of the controversy for friends might! Not galatians 5:6 commentary in the Holy Bible: New International VERSION® soul with God is.. Of argument God help you to learn the message of the love revealed is the memorial of that feud.

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